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  1. Omg!

    I live in the area where the dog attack occurred. I spoke to someone yesterday who was at the scene after the dog attack happened and was with the lady ( Irene) while waiting for the ambulance. Her injuries were pretty horrible and yesterday she was in an induced coma, but apparently she is stable now. The dog was in the front yard and Irene was coming home from church and walked into her front yard when the attack occurred.That's all the details I know about the circumstances so far. The dog was her grandsons. The grandson is allegedly a drug dealer and is known to the police.(this is not gossip, it comes from a reliable source). At the time of the attack there was only the one dog on the property. The Sunday Night program are trying to do a story on the attack, but it may end up on 7 news, if it goes to air at all.
  2. Omg - This Poor Dog

    Forgive my ignorance but how are the owners allowed to take this dog home when they are the cause of this animals suffering?
  3. Omg - This Poor Dog

    I would like to donate some money to this poor souls care and/or treatment or rescue. How do I go about doing this? Is this darling soul with a rescue group?
  4. Nekhbet I agree with you, and it has been a very good lesson for me. Friends that I have told have also said the same thing. It has been a good reminder for them as well. Just to clarify though I didn't put my face right up to this dogs face or in his face. I was standing to the side of the dog. I was at eye level though and I totally acknowledge that I did the wrong thing. I have at no time blamed the dog in any way.
  5. Just wanted to let you all know that I spoke to the council yesterday. They said that without a name or address for the owner they couldn't do anything. They said if I had an address even they could go and pay a friendly visit but without that they had no recourse. I did explain that I was at fault as well. On my walk yesterday and today I didn't see the owner or his dog, but I think when I do I will have a casual friendly chat with him. I will take responsibility for my part and just see what he has to say. Thank you all for your concern I was quite touched. Thank you all for your very sensible advice as well. On my walks yesterday and today I received much doggie love and cuddles from the dogs I do know well around here, which was wonderful!
  6. Showdog and poodle wrangler thanks for your comments as well. My original post was to ask for advice so I could determine my part in this, and where I may have gone wrong. Feel a bit silly, as it does seem very obvious now that I shouldn't of put my face so close to a dog I didn't know very well and one that had been muzzled the day before.
  7. Thank you. I was pretty surprised by the owners reaction and do think he could have been more responsible. However I have to own my part in this as well. Thank you as well, I appreciate you taking time to give me some feedback, and it is duly noted. Although I was surprised by the owners seemingly lack of care I think I will do what you suggest and put it down to a lesson learned that could have been much worse.
  8. I am ok thanks! Moosepup I did think the same thing. Perhaps if I see the owner again, I should say something to him? Mention that it might be a good idea for him to muzzle the dog when out walking so that it doesn't happen to a child or older person.
  9. Thanks again for the concern, I appreciate it. Yes have had a cuppa No choccy yet though! Do you really think I should report it? I am unsure. While I don't think it was my fault entirely I do think I should have been more mindful. Although on the other hand I think the owner needs to take more care as well.
  10. Thanks for your replies. I was sort of half squatting, half leaning in, not really over the top of the dogs head more eye level. It was a large dog. I guess I was thrown off a bit as the dog had been quite friendly the day before so I let my guard down I guess. Most of the dogs in my area are very friendly but this has been a really good lesson for me to be more careful and also to be more mindful in the way I approach dogs. I do try to be respectful of the dog and also the owner and always ask permission to approach or pat, but as you guys said some owners are delusional about their dogs! I do love having contact with dogs, I get lots of doggy cuddles and kisses from the dogs I know, so I will stick to them from now on I think. As I said though a very good lesson for me. And it was scary! I came home and burst into tears.
  11. I had a dog try to attack my face this morning while I was out walking. It made contact with my forehead and nose and luckily didn't break any skin, but it was quite an aggressive attempt to bite my face. Dog was on lead with his owner. I had met this man and his dog yesterday while out walking and yesterday the dog had a muzzle on, but today there was no muzzle. Yesterday I chatted with the man and his dog stood next to me and nuzzled me gently. Owner said he wants a pat, and I asked if it was ok to pat. Owner said yes no problem, he likes people just doesn't like other dogs. So while we stood there I was patting him on his side and underneath his chin. Today when I saw them again, chatted with owner, dog nuzzled me again, and owner again said he is after a pat. So I patted dog again on his side for a minute and then slowly lent down a bit to pat him under his chin as I had yesterday. Dog lunged at my face with teeth barred. Owner pulled dog back but not before its teeth made contact with my forehead and nose. I got such a fright! I felt my face wondering if it was bleeding and asked the owner he said no, its fine. He then said, oh my dog can be unpredictable. Owner did not seem overly concerned and in fact did not say sorry until I said I am going to head home now. I was pretty shaken up. I am wondering if I did something wrong to cause the dog to react that way? I was fairly slow in my movements toward the dog, like no sudden movements. My face wasn't right up against the dogs face but I was leaning down close to it. I am curious though if I did something I shouldn't have. I have been around dogs all my life, I am generally comfortable around dogs and like to think respectful. My last dog a rescue kelpie/shepherd mix I had from a pup. She was almost 17 years old when she passed away a few years ago. I don't have a dog at the moment as I am renting and really miss having a dog. I walk everyday and have made good friends with lots of dogs and their owners in my area and walk my neighbours dog when she is unable. I am certainly no expert with dogs though and am happy to always learn more about dogs and their behaviour. So what do the lovely DOL people think?
  12. Pets In Disasters

    Done and passed on to a good number of people. In Off Topic there is a thread called Stay Safe QLD and NSW about the current flood disaster. Someone said in that thread that an evacuation centre was not allowing pets. I just cant believe that is still happening. After Hurricane Katrina in the US they formulated a plan for pets in disaster situations, and I think we need to do the same thing here.
  13. Dog Really Is Man's Best Friend

    Disintegratus, maybe your dogs knew that you hadn't really collapsed? Maybe they could sense that there was no real danger to you?
  14. Dog Really Is Man's Best Friend

    I saw this story this morning and was in tears. Tommy the dog looks so sad. I read another article about this which said that the townsfolk of the village leave food and water out for him, and have unofficially adopted him. I am so glad the Father of the church is still letting him attend the church services. The story reminds me of the Hatchi story. The movie of Hatchi had me crying for days and days.
  15. Voiceless Victims Of Great Flood

    stonebridge could you please let us know where we can donate to help these animals? I have donated to various flood relief appeals but would like to donate something that will directly help the animals. for the above dog that was staked through the chest by the yellow road sign.