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  1. Looking for my Rottweiler Breeder NSW

    I found out she is related to a Dog named Blackmanner Loyal Brumm , he is her grandfather, her breeder no longer breeds apparently.
  2. Hello

    My name is Tracy and I had an account here years ago 12 to be exact when I first got my beautiful Emma who is in my profile pic, Emma crossed over the bridge on xmas eve leaving us absolutely gutted, she was the most gentle sweet girl ever, I cant remember my previous log in but will try searchimg to see if I can find the breeder details we received our girl from, nice to be back and hello
  3. How best to rehome a Rottweiler?

    Did they find her a home? I am a rottyless mum
  4. Tough task, our beautiful girl Emma crossed the bridge on Christmas eve and I am trying to locate her breeder with scarce details, I cannot find her papers but her registered name was Brahms Melody, nit too sure on spelling, she was 12 years old ladt month, her breeder was in NSW, I know its a big ask but I would love to thank her for the most beautiful being I knew xx