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  1. I am just seeking common advice on wheather I have any legal stance regarding my situation or of I should just let it go and move on. I purchased a purebred golden retriever puppy for around $2200 on the 15 October 2016 from a reputable breeder registered with dogs Victoria. As the dog was growing up I realised that she was walking with a sort of swaying motion within her back legs. When she was around 7 moths old I decided to get her assessed for hip dysplasia. After multiple X rays it was determined that my dog had severe hip dysplasia. Upon being referred to a orthopedic specialist in order to determine possible treatment options, it was decided that in order for my dog to live a relatively pain free life and due to the severity of her condition, she would have to undergo a full hip replacement in both hips. A few months later we decided to undergo the surgical procedure costing $8000 per hip $16000 in total. She eventually got both hips operated on, after months of strict refinement and muscle rehabilitation, everything seemed to be going perfectly fine until one day I noticed her limping. I took her to the vet and got some X rays done and she had dislocated her prosthetic hip joint. I took her back to the surgeon and he performed a salvage procedure called a triple pelvic osteotomy in order to realign the hip. This procedure cost another $4000. She seemed to be healing well until new years day this year when I went to take her toilet and noticed she was severely limping again. I then took her back to the surgeon for more X rays and it was discovered that she had dislocated her other hip joint. Upon further looking at the x-rays the surgeon had discovered that the triple pelvic osteotomy surgery we had done was also starting to fail due to muscle degeneration. The surgeon then advised me that his professional advice was to euthanize the dog so that she would no longer be in any more pain. On the 3rd of January this year I made the hardest decision of my life and put her to sleep. In total I have spent over $25000 on surgical procedures. The surgeon also informed me that in his 30+ year career he had never seen this happen before. This is also one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Australia and conducted everything within a professional manner. I contacted the breeder when I first discovered she had severe hip dysplasia and they said that my dogs parents had perfect hip scores and that my situation was most likely due to environmental factors. The breeder then provided me with the parents hip score certificates. Is there anything I can do in this situation or was I just dealt the unlucky card of life.