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  1. P.S I admit I am biased...toward Springers!!!! LOVE all breeds, but my heart is with them!
  2. Hi Spotted Devil. Always had benches, but many friends have field/working springers. I know they are full of energy and need exercise, and usually great at agility. We walk them here....actually they run...and they sniff around on their "missions"!!!! If it is meant to, it shall be. We drive to near Sydney to adopt our Daisy, so no biggy :D
  3. THANK YOU Persephone and Tassie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Hi VERY interested in this fella!! I have had Springers for 15 years...ADORE them!!!!!!! (NOT breeders...just a LOVE of them) We have just lost one of our 3 year old girls....so tragic and we are completely heartbroken!!! We lost our 14 yr old boy a few months ago as well. We now have one beautiful Springer girl who we adopted. She is 3 now and black and white, delightful stunner! We also have a beautiful Staffie who we adopted as well many years ago. We live on 5 acres with 2 dams in Haddon, Vic, just outside of Ballarat. I am a member of several Springer communities, and have even travelled to UK & Europe to visit our Springer human friends and dogs. Our fur bubbas go on walkies several times a day, and the ball is a great game in their huge enclosed yard! WOULD LOVE to re-home this young man!!!!!!!! If there's a chance and you want to know more, please PM me. Cheers :D
  5. Sweet Rosie. Only 3..too soon!

    Our amazing, sweet, cheeky, silly, smart, funny completely adorable Rosie passed last week, aged 3. Emergency vets discovered, as they were desperately trying to resuscitate her, she had a cancer in her heart, a secondary from liver cancer!!! NOT once, despite previous tests for various things, did ANYTHING point to her having any form of cancer in her body. She was being tested for an auto-immune disease...but NO results from anything showed signs of this!! Vets were dumbfounded! BEYOND DEVESTATED and missing this little soul SOOOOOO very very much!!!! Her brother Rupert, Springer Spaniel, passed, aged 14, only a few months ago; that was hard enough!!!!! We have, thank gawd…. our other precious bubbas, Daisy, rescued, also 3 & Springer Spaniel as well, and Tayla, a rescued Staffie, along with 4 cats and 2 Budgies. I truly feel she will tell us when and who, but somehow she will come back. I have been searching rescue sites. A rescue Springer I feel. I know in Australia they are rare, but when it is right, so it shall be!!
  6. Getting papers for adopted dog

    Persephone....LOVE that quote! SO very true sadly. I do hear our animals, and many others :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Getting papers for adopted dog

    WE have thought about all these things and have spoken to our vets. The dog is to be tested, and so is the bitch. We have no intention of being full on breeders, just that we love the Springer breed, for who they are, not as show dogs or breeding dogs. They are just beautiful dogs, and I have many breeder friends world wide, as well as many friends who just love their Springers as we do. We have even travelled to meet them and their dogs. If the AS is successful, then we prefer the pups go for only pets anyway, for people to enjoy, not to use as breeders or for showing. I have no problems with breeders, if done right and well, and the animals are cared for, respected and loved, nor for showing for the same reasons, but Just not interested personally. Many of my friends are breeders as I said, and some show and others do agility etc etc. That's their thing, and I KNOW they ADORE their dogs. I have brought up litters before, and do know and understand the time and effort involved, and both my partner and I only work casual and part time hours. On the LOVE thing; they really do....24/7, on heat or not :D
  8. Getting papers for adopted dog

    Thank you I thought it would be impossible to get his papers. Never had intentions of breeding, then the thought of him going, and maybe we could have little one's of him/her is becoming more irrestistable!!! He is such a beautiful boy, and she is such a beautiful girl and they love each other. We only intend one litter, for this reason only really, and then she will be de sexed. I will try to chase her papers up, but am not sure where I find them on the ANKC web site...had a good look but couldn't see a link. Never done this before, (puppies) apart from a cross breed girl I had as a child and my son's dog. I am looking everything up so we can do this well though :D
  9. Help please. We adopted an English Springer Spaniel 1 1/2 years ago. She is a full ( and BEAUTIFUL)bitch. We already have 2 others ESS's. Our oldest boy is still a full male (almost 14), and although we had no intial intention of breeding them, now that he is near his final earth life, we were THINKING of using AI, just once for maybe one litter, and have spoken to our Vets re this. I wasn't able to get his papers when I took him, as the breeder blew himself up in an accident, hence I was never able to get them. Our new girl's original owners eventually sent her papers for me to sign, but they got lost. I just want to be able to have their papers, for any one who takes a puppy...IF the AI is successful. How do I go about finding our Springers papers?