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  1. Amstaff x mastiff Puppy issues

    Thanks for your kind message.
  2. Amstaff x mastiff Puppy issues

    Thank you
  3. Amstaff x mastiff Puppy issues

    Thank you for all your great feedback. I appreciate it greatly! In regards to the walking- It’s not like we drag him along. We walk along the water front and he literally walks us, like we arnt making him and he doesn’t lag along slowly he’s trotting happily smiling at everyone and runs sometimes. He enjoys the interaction with dogs and people immensely! Is that still bad? The food thing is so hard to know what to feed him and the difference between an actual hungry pup and just a piggy. He was 6.2kg at 12 weeks but he’d definitely be 10kg now. So many forums and sites and vets say so many different things. I can’t think of the name but he is eating top quality dry food we got from the breeder. He’s defiantly a large boy.
  4. Amstaff x mastiff Puppy issues

  5. Amstaff x mastiff Puppy issues

    Weve had our Amstaff x Mastiff puppy for almost a month now. Hes just gone 14 weeks today. He is a ridiculously overactive eating machine. Theres too many different discussions and information on the web to know what to go buy when it comes to feeding a puppy. Especially when hes a cross breed. We currently give him one cup of dry food in the morning early while we go to gym then he gets 2 chicken necks before we take off to work - which today ive currently been told that theyre not good for dogs, can anyone confirm? After a 5 km walk in the afternoon we also feed him again one cup of dry food with 2 eggs. He literally inhales it and i know all puppys love to eat you could leave food out all day and they wouldn't stop but something tells me hes not just being a piggy hes actually hungry. Is he getting fed enough or too much? He has doubled in size in the last few weeks so i know he is rapidly growing so it makes me think im not feeding him enough. We do wish to feed him meat and rice or pasta ans veggies at some stage whatever the normal recommended age is. So any suggestions would be great in that prospective as well.