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  1. Boycott these brands!

    RuralPug, Understood. Will make sure next time.
  2. Boycott these brands!

    When I saw this post I went to bfp.org and saw good things happening for dogs. Posting it in this subforum was an appropriate venue whether or not this forums' members are better than Facebook members or not. The point of my post was to raise awareness of dog abuse which is actually happening all over the world. It seems you may be missing the point by worrying about irrelevant details while at the same time passive aggressively insulting me.
  3. Boycott these brands!

  4. Kidney failure

    Thanks Gretel. I appreciate your response. Wilson is on a strict renal specific kibble food from Royal Canine. He too is very much missing treats. It is so hard not to give them to him. However, I have always justified these types of tough decisions with the knowledge that I have to do things to protect him even if he doesn't like it. But it is so hard to dissapoint him every meal when I am the one that taught him it was ok, by giving him bites of my food. I will know better with my future dogs not to do this. What we sometimes think is making them happy is sometimes a bad decision.
  5. Kidney failure

    Hey Gretel, I just started this process. I hope to get 2 years. I think about the inevitable days that you had to go through.. Heres to many good days. Hope you are doing ok since your loss. What is the one thing you suggest to prolong my buddy's time.