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  1. Pregnant and bleeding

    You're right! Don't wait for them to announce that your dog has an infection.
  2. Wash them twice a week. As what others have said, it's normal but if you see that is not normal anymore then take him to the vet. My guchi is doing this also and sometimes he jump on my bed and roll around and scratch his back again.
  3. Puppy doing strange things

    This is scary though i didn't experience it in my dog. Hope she's doing well now. How's her situation?
  4. What sort of dog should i get?

    no I don't have but based on my research, Danes are one of the most amazing dogs. I have a dog before but he was lost and until we couldn't find him.
  5. Dog Bed Recommendation

    I think one of the most comfortable bed for dogs is Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed. It's a cuddle cave, perfect for snuggling and comfort,. I have one also for my dog hehe.
  6. Possible new puppy?

    A shih tzu i suggest. Very nice breed of dog.
  7. What sort of dog should i get?

    I suggest a Great Dane. Great Dane is truly a great dog breed— large and noble, commonly referred to as a gentle giant or as the “Apollo of dogs.” Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, the brightest fixture in the sky. The Great Dane certainly holds stature in the dog world; but though he looks terribly imposing, in reality he’s one of the best-natured dogs around. For all of his size, a Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate pet. He loves to play and is gentle with children and as what you've said good for hikes right? One of the best choices.