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  1. God I'm loving this forum. Haha. It's been too long since I was surrounded by dog mad people I agree that you can get different energy levels in both lines, but I think I can find soundness within a show line. Thanks again everyone for the advice.
  2. Oh the other way was the treadmill. Brodie loved the treadmill
  3. I have thought about it, but I haven't had a lot to do with working line German shepherds. I only really know what I've read about their energy levels and the ones I see around, I can see the drive in their eyes. That level of intensity worries me because I work full-time. I need a dog that I can walk in the morning, do some obedience and it be content until I get home that afternoon to go out again. 8-9 hours of nothing is a long time for any dog, let alone a dog that is bred to work 12 hours shifts. I got around it with my kelpie with bike riding of a morning, but I don't want to physi
  4. Yeah that would be rude, and an insight into the individuals attitude about buying a pup. I'm going to have to spend a bit more time saving because I want to have at least $1000 start up money. Ugh the health issue side is terrifying. I have definitely decided on the GSD, but I think I've read too much! Every breeder's page I look at I'm checking angles, and to be honest I haven't found a breeder who's dogs really jump out at me. I met a breeder at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show who's dogs I LOVED, but they weren't allowed to discuss their kennel because they were there for the GSDL,
  5. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I just wanted to get an idea for prices. The initial price is nothing in comparison to the costs of owning a dog. It's been two years since I've owned a dog, so I'm excited to finally be in a position to have a dog in my life again. I think I'm just nervous/excited. Thanks again!
  6. I have had breeders in the past tell me that they consider this question a red flag. Also, no one advertises their price. Why is that do you suppose? I know in the horse world POA, (price on application) usually means, expensive. It usually means the seller will ask you to jump through hoops before telling you a price.
  7. Hi all! I have a slightly uncomfortable question. Buying a puppy is a life changing decision and there are SO many elements involved in making the choice of which dog is right. I will being doing competitive obedience and I would like to start from scratch with a pup as my last dog (Kelpie) I took on as a two year old, and I think certain behaviors are easier to build drive for if you start from a young age. I need a dog with sound confirmation and temperament. Finding a breeder that fulfills all my scrutiny is hard enough, but I fear when I do find a good breeder, they will not want to
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