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  1. grain free health problems

    The thing is, when people start feeding less and less, they are not only reducing calories but also the amino acids and vitamins/minerals. The recommended feeding guidelines are not only for the amount of food, but also the nutrients the food contains. Feed less, sometimes a lot less, and the dog is also missing out on vital nutrients, Taurine being one of them.. It's a hard position to be in, as many dogs gain weight following the bags guidelines. If this happens, then adding in fresh animal proteins (balanced) to make up for the kibble deficiency would be the easiest fix. Considering many of of the DCM cases involve overweight dogs or dogs on a permanent diet, i think this point is a biggy in getting to the root cause of DCM.
  2. grain free health problems

    How did i do that? The Answers to all of this DCM hysteria are in the questions i posted
  3. grain free health problems

    I have always fed grain free. However, I feed a split of 35/65% - kibble/raw so am not too concerned. I'm not jumping on the DCM scaremongering bandwagon just yet.. These are the questions that I would ask owners of dogs diagnosed with DCM: -Were they fed the same brand/food for every meal, every day? If yes, bad. -Did the owners ever rotate through different brands/proteins regularly? If No, bad. -Did the owners ever add fresh meat proteins to their dogs kibble regularly? If No, bad. -Did the owners drastically reduce the amount of kibble from what was recommended on the bag? If yes, bad.
  4. Stay Loyal dry food

    Stay Loyal is a great kibble. I rotate between the regular formula and the small bites. I'd be very surprised if your dog has an intolerance to a protein. This is incredibly rare in pups..
  5. Missing Link Hip and Joint?

    I got mine from iherb. But last time i looked into ordering it, it said cant ship to Australia, very weird.. I've moved onto other supps now, but you could email i-herb Australia and see if it's available again to ship here.
  6. Would you feed Orijen?

    @Diva, the whole reason i come to this part of the forum is to have a discussion on what to feed dogs, if i wasn't interested i wouldn't come here.. I'm a member of over 10 different canine nutrition pages on Facebook, this is a subject i am passionate about and can talk about for hours. As for Orijen, so far it's a winner. I have a bag of the original and six fish, and alternate them daily.
  7. Would you feed Orijen?

    @PANDI-GIRL Probably a bit of marketing and stellar looking ingredients, plus i just don't like feeding the same thing day in day out, i like to mix it up for him and give as much variety as i possibly can. Nugget does fine swapping and changing, he never gets the same meal/protein twice in a row. I think i get more bored than he does lol And yes, you are right, shopping for them is fun, and i admit i have a dog/food spending addiction I tried the Pet Evans food, he liked it and did well. I did try Frontier pets, but i swapped to Big Dog little bites freeze dried that i can buy from my local petstock. He really loves these, much more than Frontier pets.
  8. Would you feed Orijen?

    Yes, i bought a bag of the Original, he devours it. I'm going to try 6 fish next. I only feed a small amount of kibble, 35/65- Kibble/raw. So a 2kg bag will last a while, for $54 it would want to!
  9. 4CYTE Osteoarthritis in Dogs

    I use 4cyte as a preventative. The new kid on the block is Antinol, it's the super charged version of 4cyte, and also doubles as an Omega 3 supplement.
  10. Human Grade Glucosamine..

    He's incredibly active, he also jumps around like a gazelle! I would use it as a preventative. Prevention is better than cure.
  11. Human Grade Glucosamine..

    No I havent, I'll check them out.
  12. Human Grade Glucosamine..

    Most dog specific products come in powder form. I've dealt with 'odourless' and 'tasteless' powders with Nugget before, and the little turd refused to touch his meals. I'm done with filling empty capsules with powder 5 times a day. I'll see if i can find dog specific capsules with decent amounts of gluc/chon/msm in them. @sandgrubber Nugget is only 13mths old, but he is incredibly active, and i want to start using is as a preventative.
  13. I want to start giving my dog Glucosamine, human grade. I am concerned about the add on ingredients at the end. Do these look ok to give to a dog? Active ingredients per tablet: Glucosamine hydrochloride 750 mg Bovine sodium chondroitin sulfate (chondroitin) 200 mg Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) 250 mg Manganese gluconate 8.8 mg - Equiv. manganese 1 mg Borax 8.8 mg - Equiv. boron 1 mg They are Natures Way Joint Restore