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  1. Human Grade Glucosamine..

    No I havent, I'll check them out.
  2. Human Grade Glucosamine..

    Most dog specific products come in powder form. I've dealt with 'odourless' and 'tasteless' powders with Nugget before, and the little turd refused to touch his meals. I'm done with filling empty capsules with powder 5 times a day. I'll see if i can find dog specific capsules with decent amounts of gluc/chon/msm in them. @sandgrubber Nugget is only 13mths old, but he is incredibly active, and i want to start using is as a preventative.
  3. I want to start giving my dog Glucosamine, human grade. I am concerned about the add on ingredients at the end. Do these look ok to give to a dog? Active ingredients per tablet: Glucosamine hydrochloride 750 mg Bovine sodium chondroitin sulfate (chondroitin) 200 mg Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM) 250 mg Manganese gluconate 8.8 mg - Equiv. manganese 1 mg Borax 8.8 mg - Equiv. boron 1 mg They are Natures Way Joint Restore
  4. @PANDI-GIRL Did you notice the difference in smell between the grain free dry foods and the Wellness complete health? The grains frees have that meaty aroma, the wellness C.H has a grainy smell. It doesnt really matter to Nugget, as i add meat in with all his kibble, but i can tell haha
  5. Haha Wow, of all the foods to pick, we chose the same one. I too feed the small breed
  6. Gosh , I wish i paid more attention to where this info came from. A lot of it came from first hand experience from my daughters acquaintances, too many to be a coincidence. Stay loyal would have to be Nuggets favourite. I feed a variety of different dry foods, all pass the test of Mr Finicky My rotation: Stay Loyal (Aussie Brand) Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural (US brand) healthy Everyday pets (Aussie brand). No potatoes/legumes/grains. Holistic Select Anchovy small breed (US brand) I've just recently add Wellness complete health Turkey/chicken to the mix, it is not a grain free food and uses oats as it's main carb. The DCM thing has been playing on my mind.
  7. Nutrition

    I feed both raw and cooked. I've heard the "dont mix raw with kibble" thing, which i think is total bunk, it makes no sense! I've always done it, and never had a problem. Yes, i thaw the cubes before feeding.
  8. Nutrition

    My dog is 13mths old and i have never given him a bowl of plain dry kibble, I have a huge variety of different meats that i add. Green tripe Raw chicken/quail eggs Lamb mince Pork mince Beef mince Turkey/chicken parts Beef/lamb heart Chicken gizzards Duck Liver Beef Loaf I feed raw meaty bones every 2nd day for oral health and chewing pleasure. I also get a chicken carcass and cook it on high in a slow cooker for 24 hours, I add add liver and pumpkin at the end to add more flavour. When it's done , the bones turn to mush, I remove the liver, and then i blend the whole lot up, freeze in ice cube trays and add 1 or 2 cubes to his meals. This is what i call super powered bone broth, my dog goes nuts for it. I've fed all of my dogs over the past 30 years with this kind of variety, i've never had any problems, and they've all enjoyed each and every meal
  9. I wouldnt feed Taste of the wild, they are currently being investigated for having heavy metals in their food, i cant remember the exact details.. My daughter is on a few dog forums, and there are breeders on there losing whole litters and/or pups failing to thrive while mum was on TOTW and also the pups weened onto it. My own personal experience with it.. My cast iron gut dog vomited a few hours after every meal of TOTW and sometimes overnight too. I had a bag of wetlands and High Prairie, and threw both bags in the bin.
  10. If you're looking for a grain free food with NO potatoes/legumes, this is the only one i have been able to find in Aus https://www.healthyeverydaypets.com.au/
  11. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Yes, I've given it to him here and there, but not on a regular basis, maybe i should add it for a few days in a row.. Excellent point! I'd say he would ingest bits of seawater when he grabs his ball from the water.
  12. Children's probiotics for my dog

    No, I've never tried one meal. He is ravenous when we get back from our morning walk. Same thing when we get home from our evening walk. I'll keep plugging away until we get that perfect afternoon poop!
  13. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Usual softer poop last night, and he just did his normall perfect poop this morning, so i think it was too much probiotics. I'll hold off on the probiotics for now, and if i do add them again, I'll sprinkle a tiny, tiny bit in and if it happens again i wont give him any more! Someone advised adding a teaspoon of whole oats to his breakfast that may help firm him up. His afternoon poops arent puddingy, they're just not solid and well formed like his morning ones are. His walks are the absolute highlight of his day! We go to the off lead beach for 2 hours in the morning, but he looks forward to his evening walk the most, as we meet the love of his life named Wanda, they play, smooch and chase balls on the oval for 90 or so minutes. If they're late, he just sits there staring at the car park waiting for her to arrive.
  14. Children's probiotics for my dog

    Well, he had pudding poop last night and bloody diarrhea this morning. So obviously i started with too high a dose. If these probiotics dont help, i'll just take them myself.
  15. Children's probiotics for my dog

    I just gave him his first dose, I can't wait to see if it makes a difference. His afternoon poops are always done while we are out on a walk, I know there's a word for exercise induced pooping which can sometimes cause them to pass soft stools, is it peritonitis??