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  1. Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle and have turned here because I want to make the situation better. Our family has had labradors always as pets and never had any real behavioural issues, always done basic puppy school training and then always been fine. Our family currently has 2 labradors (brothers) who are about 4.5 years old. My parents refuse to do anything about the problems we have been having with them but I don't have the money to bypass them and get a trainer out to visit us and they refuse to pay for one. So I am looking for any and all advice that could help as I am frustrated and can't let this go on forever. Our boys are fine in their yard, apart from I guess defending their territory (?) and barking anytime a neighbours walks their dogs past our house. The biggest issues are that one of our boys (Gus) seems to have an anxiety issue, he gets super worked up and starts wiggling, jumping and biting whenever someone gets home or lets them out of their smaller night time yard in the mornings. He will bite hands, clothes, arms, bums, thighs and sometimes jump at faces when he is in this mood. And it's always when he sees a person he hasnt seen for a few hours/someone gets home. The other issue that compounds this is that his brother Murphy will get extremely aggressive when this is happening when someone gets home. At the front gate Gus will start the jumping and biting and then within a minute or so of this Murphy basically goes nuts and starts biting Gus, chasing him, knocking him over, sometimes this isnt for long and sometimes this will turn into a "fight" or "chase" for a good few minutes and then they're fine again and go back to the normal, happy labradors they are most of the time! I have no idea what to do and my parents refuse to take any action on this issue but the biting and fighting every time a person gets home is making me get frustrated. I try to get both the boys to sit when I get to the front gate when I get home but usually either Murphy will sit for a few seconds before he starts on Gus and Gus will rarely listen at all and begin jumping biting etc. The bits arent super hard and never draw blood etc but he loves to grab any clothes/arms etc really hard and wont let go. Any suggestions, or is this something I will have no chance at without somehow convincing my parents to pay for a trainer? Thanks in advance, Atwitsend