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  1. Help with doberman breeder

    Hi everyone im new to the forum here im currently looking around for a good doberman breeder. I have so far contacted one breeder who has a litter due early may asking price $3k pups are microchipped/vet checked/pedigreed/vaccinated. Both parents are registered ANKC. I couldn't find any info on the parents but further down the family tree i was able to find more information. My question is how to do i tell is this is a responsible breeder? Is 3k abit high for the pups? As this is my first purebred dog i have done my research on the breed and found this to be a good match for my family, i want a dog that i can work for protection but before i purchase i want to make sure im spending money on good breeding. Bloodlines: Mom: "get ready for harper" Moms sire: "thor del nasi" Moms dam: "get ready for fara" Dad: "game on australian dream" Dads sire: " dragoondonner von hohenenzollern Dads dam: "great de badea gheo" Thankyou to anyone who takes the time to reply kind regards Sheridan.