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  1. I would say be very very careful. I'm sure many people have positive experiences but unfortunately I'm not one of them. I spoke to another breeder from Dogzonline locally who did not have pups who recommended someone interstate (who is registered on Dogzonline and a registered breeder of the required state regulatory body). She presented a very professional front online on Facebook. Sent me photos of a puppy and copies of the supposed pedigree papers of the parents. However she sent me a puppy that did not conform to regulations or standards and could never be given a pedigree paper i.e dam was less than 12 months and the sire was the father of the dam - direct line breeding that is against regulations. Finally when I pressured for the pedigree some months later (after being tipped off that I had been conned) she claimed she had accidentally sent me the 'wrong dog'. However I already had the story from another breeder as to what she had done and that it was quite intentional. She did ask if I wanted to send the dog back, but of course I have an emotional connection to the pup now, despite it having some health issues, which I hope are not related to the inbreeding. She has recently given me some money back as 'hush money' I guess so I don't put in a formal complaint to the state regulatory body. I don't care about the money (but I'd rather it in my pocket than hers). I just wanted a well bred healthy dog with a loving temperament and was prepared to pay absolute top dollar. I considered putting in a formal complaint to try and protect future buyers but it seems like a lot of paperwork and proof needed and even if I do manage to get her membership stopped she could still sell pups. So there are no guarantees when you buy from interstate. Even if you are local you may not know. The only thing is to take your time and speak to lots of people to find out who the best breeders are and if you meet other dogs you like talk to the owners about their health and behavioural traits and ask where they came from. The previous poster gave good advice. Get to know the breeder as well as you can. Fly over. Meet the dam before she has a litter and hopefully have some time to observe her personality. Ask lots of questions and ask if you can be put in touch with other owners of previous litters.