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  1. Pointing

    Thanks devil. I'll get looking for clubs. I know the feeling, I've helped out people getting into shooting and deer stalking that once got the info never heard from again when needing to do some field work.
  2. Pointing

    Hi all I have a 4 month old GWP and eventualy would like her to point at game. Does anyone have any good info or tips as when I should start this training and the best way to go about it. Mainly focusing on scent point rather than sight. Many thanks GWPO
  3. Dog barking in the morning.

    Yes I have looked into stripping and have started that recently. I know it's a very bad idea to actual cut / trim a GWP coat. Her face hair has come in lovely. Great side profile.
  4. Dog barking in the morning.

    Puppy zoomies ha I like that. I'm hoping that calm will come soon. Everything is still so fun for her at the minute and eager to play.
  5. Dog barking in the morning.

    This is Willow My bearded lady.
  6. Dog barking in the morning.

    This is very helpful. She is chill indoors and when outside her nose is down and basically leaps into bushes and hunts. I have noticed she sits and watches birds fly over. So possibly good sign for future endeavours that she is aware of flighting birds. I was in the yard last night with her, she was having a great time running a circuit around the yards and trees. You know that fast playful run! We then had a bit of a wrestle and then played a calmer game of fetch and return. Which she is fantastic at. Brings straight back to an open hand with out command.
  7. Dog barking in the morning.

    She is going to go in this arvo while we work in the front yard so we can hear what she does. There is a fair distance between us so she wont be able to hear us.
  8. Dog barking in the morning.

    Yes it does. But most people can make it work. Until I find a decent plot of land in the area we like to build a house on, we are renting.
  9. Dog barking in the morning.

    Would be easy if it wasn't large plant beds and a driveway to a workshop. I currently rent so making major landscape changes is unfortunatly out of the question.
  10. Dog barking in the morning.

    She has balls, Kong filled with treats to work with and a hard textured toy that is scented with chicken that was recommended by a vet. Her barks are more yelp/bark/howl combo. Basically calling for her pack. At the min she doesn't do it whilst in the house crate and is pretty happy in there unless she needs a wee. Or in the shower haha but she is out now in the house during that time. But in the kennel as it's new she calls out. I imagine it's just a case of spending more time in it.
  11. Dog barking in the morning.

    I have spoken to her and before I got the pup I dropped a letter in my emidiate neibours letter boxes explaining that i was getting a dog and might be loud somtimes just to give them a friendly heads up. Which they loved. She said it would be fine but was wondering if she was just being polite. She is outside at the mo running around. When I'm home she spends a lot of time outside with me or on her own for short times. Although she has lots of toys of various types.. hard/soft for teething. I think she just likes the texture of the bark. She will start living outside more now when I'm out from your advice. Did you make those dogs coats.. there great.
  12. Dog barking in the morning.

    Than you for the support. I was regretting joining at one point. I'm a member of a few other forums for other subjects and love helping people out with my knowledge on those. Just a shame a few people have to ruin things. But generally people have been helpful with some ideas. I do miss the UK somtimes especially the shooting seasons where the gun dogs really come to life. Willow is so sharp. I can't believe how fast she picks things up. She now knows that she can't go in the bedroom and sits at the edge of the carpet and just looks in which is great. As growing up in the UK where most houses are 2 stories and dogs generally knew the stairs was a no go. It was interesting to teach a dog in a 1 storie home that certain rooms are a no go. But I have enjoyed watching her grow.. like a weed !
  13. Dog barking in the morning.

    Sorry if it came across at directed at you. It was mainly Juice who said I shouldn't have a dog as I wont do what she has done with her dogs, that has annoyed me. There are a variety of reasons I don't want her loose in the garden. She has a habit of eating anything she finds on the floor, bark chips, stones. My garden has plenty of that. I'm worried I would come home to a sick pup or worse. The other reason is I started her outside when it was warmer. But she barked all day. I have a woman who is a nurse and somtimes works nights who lives behind me. I just don't want to keep her awake. I don't want to be one of those neighbors I am thinking of moving her outside to the kennel now. But I might put it in our workshop during winter. Tas is a little colder than QLD ;) I have a roll of astroturf that I could put down for texture. The run is large but the workshop is pretty big so might work well. Like you I spend a lot of time in there so might work well to keep her out of my feet when working also. I think for now she will be in her crate for her morning part. Then go to the outside in the afternoon. I feel the nurse will probably be awake at that point so the odd bark session won't hurt till the dog is climatised to the new space. I tried her out of the crate last night and just had a dog bed out for her. She seemed ok no night barking and no destruction ( I did move a lot of things out of reach) but woke up to some puddles. So she is still not there yet on holding her bladder. So I will crate her at night as she let's me know when she needs to go when in there. And puts herself back in afterwards. I have it covered so I feel like it's very den like for her.
  14. Dog barking in the morning.

    Thank you for the link. That's why I started taking her to the dog park to have a verity of environments. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Dog barking in the morning.

    I'll start to do that with the recall. I was just worried as she still hasn't had her full wire coat come In she would be too cold. I will transition her outside sooner then.