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  1. I'm perplexed

    Pups (the vast numbers I am talking about) being neutered before going to their new owners...at 7 to 8 weeks of age. Where is the compliance, accountability, outrage? Been happening for up to 20 years.
  2. I'm perplexed

    not retail
  3. I'm perplexed

    This particular person has removed themselves from registration with the ANKC. Delivers dirty puppies from a large van, multiple cages with many other pups into city locations. When a puppy farm is brought down and the authorities finally catch up with them - pictures emerge of squalid conditions and dogs in terrible condition and health. People and members of forums such as this post their comments as to the 'horror' as to what they are seeing and feeling. They say things like "if only we knew...we would have acted or helped or attempted to do something".
  4. I'm perplexed

    There is a large operation where dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of puppies come out of every year. Year in, year out. There are supposed purebreds, but the owners are also spitting out so many cross-bred pups of that breed (with multiple other breeds) that my head is spinning. Tell me, how is that happening? What scenario would be acceptable to any governing body, the RSPCA, anyone to let this production line continue..?
  5. Picking a breeder

    Yep - stay away from Gumtree in particular. A MILLION miles away for that matter
  6. Picking a breeder

    AND, the good ones don't advertise!
  7. Picking a breeder

    Still around John, spend more time reading than posting these days
  8. Picking a breeder

    Morning John, The first thing is that you're going to have to establish a relationship with a good breeder. That will mean email and a phone call or two or three. The breeders that are most concerned about the health, temperament and everything else you're looking for will be more than happy to spend that time, get to know you and (for themselves) be happy they've found a good home for their pups. If you call a breeder and they just say no problems, will sell you a pup in a month or two, I'd be darn worried about that person (and there are one or two around, I am happy to give you advice in private on one to avoid). I can recommend you a breeder or two also in private. One of my breeders has retired (shame as she had cracking dogs) but I know of some others who are exactly what you need. Having said all that, the GOOD ones have pups coming along very irregularly. The 'shonky' ones...always have them available. As for the breed themselves, you can't go wrong. They're fantastic pets and as funny as any pet you can ever have.
  9. Boston Terrier Lovers...

    Think you would want to have about $4k in the bank and keep your fingers crossed
  10. Boston Terrier Lovers...

  11. Boston Overload

    I've met some Bostons and really liked them, jolly active little dogs. I have to ask, has the mostly white faced dog got a round tipped ear and a pointy tipped ear? I've looked in a few of the photos and it looks the same each time. :laugh: Nothing like a bit of variety. Ha. Jeez, you had me thinking then. Had to go drag her out of bed to double check her ears. Nope, both the same...pretty bloody big though! Might be the colouring that gave some kind of illusion or a pic when she was a bit younger and they werent quite standing up yet. She is a little ripper...mismarked (ie the white head) but she has personality plus. As a breed in general, they are fantastic. Yep, active and the FUNNIEST dogs...so hilarious.
  12. Boston Overload

    Miss Lizzie
  13. Boston Overload

    I did promise overload
  14. Boston Overload

    And more