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  1. Pappillion kisses, Thank you so much for your thoughts. And i am so sorry to hear of your bad experience with your dog and understand fully. We want whats best!
  2. Jemappelle, Yes, she is on the maximum dose of fluid pills and 0thers. Her resting heart rate is around 70BPM, her lungs are now fairly free of fluid on the max tablets, but she has a cough. Te cough may be more due to her enlarged heart leaning on bronchial tubes. Your dogs are beautiful.
  3. Hi all, It is with a heavy heart i post this comment... My beautiful little cavalier "ruby" is 13 years old and in stage 4 Mitral valve disease and is deaf. She hasnt been able to go for even short walks for a long time due to getting worn out and having breathing issues. She is currently on the maximum medication which is JUST holding the fluid off her lungs, but she has a large fluid belly. The vet told me 6 mths ago , she may have 4 months at best. The last few weeks she has been sleeping a lot, but cant get comfortable and tries to sleep sittin
  4. Thank you so much Westiemum for your very kind words and your valued advice, I so wish I could turn back time and trust my instinct.
  5. Thanks for the kind words and I am so sorry to hear you have experienced loss with concerns for care as well, it just makes it so much much harder wondering if they could have lived. I had 3 cavies and until recently we only had an AEC which was 50 mins drive from us, the next nearest 3 .5 hours. I have used that in the past and was not really happy with the care received but they were all we had. and all was ok. This vet AEC has just opened and 10 mins from home so have never been there before then. We have some GREAT vets here but not after hours AEC. I w
  6. Thank you Dame, I feel the AEC was not equipped to deal with 2 very sick dogs at the same time and my little dog just didnt get the support ANY support he needed. Sadly we rang first and they said bring him in, and then had to wait an hour for the vet. I feel they should have given us the opportunity to take him elsewhere to another AEC rather than just let him die. I always put trust in people, and until now never spoke up when i thought things were not right and am just gutted that this led to the death of my very much loved friend in such a cruel way. The grief i feel
  7. My plan is to ask for a meeting with the vet manager of the practice when she is back from holidays in Aug. In that meeting I will ask for an apology, and force to them implement REAL procedures to ensure this does not happen again. I put put in a complaint to the Veterinary board, but know that will not accomplish anything
  8. Thank you everyone for your lovely words of condolence, this little dog was family and much loved by our family and especially my fatally ill son, we are all still devastated 3 weeks on. The vet in question used the excuse , the AVA regulation stops them handing out notes/reports and their hands are tied. Yesterday I emailed the vet again asking for his case notes, Today I called the Aus Vet Asoc, and was lucky enough to talk for over an hour with a lovely vet who listened to what I witnessed at the vet clinic, what i saw my little boy go through and gave her all the in
  9. Hi all, Recently we lost our much loved cavalier King Charles Spaniel due to an illness at the vets. We took him into an AEC at 6.30 on a Friday night when he was just slightly not himself/quiet and refused to eat a much loved treat at that time. During this time at the vets we were concerned about a few things that happened at the vet but stupidly thought he would be in good hands so left him in their care. We rand with his symptoms before we went in and they said bring him in which we did immediately. We then had to wait in the waiting room for an hour on arrival with
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