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  1. Hi everyone, Recently my dad has been saying he wants to get rid of our dog, to put him up for sale. But i don’t want that to happen. the reason he wants to get rid of him is because he can be quite the piece of hard work sometimes.His name is Zac, hes a Parson Russell Terrier, 4 years old, and NOT desexed. We bought him hoping that we will be able to take him hunting but it wasnt the case, he wasn’t the dog for it. He came from a line of show dogs though his breed is generally used for hunting. Hes a very playful, energetic, loving dog, well loved by the family. During the day he’s home alone while we are at school and work.When we first got him he was 2. He was sent from Sydney to Melbourne. When he arrived at our house he was very timid and cautious, scared of everything and everyone. He grew up on a farm and now hes in the back yard of a house close to the city (he isnt allowed inside the house, unless the weathers bad, hes allowed on the tiled area) He does occasionally cause a few problems, and dad has had enough. i want to work with Zac and try improve him and to teach him whats bad and good so we can change his mind and prove to him Zac is an good dog. Heres 5 questions ive got:1. He urinates on our shoes and stuff. If he’s got the opportunity, he will go for it, take a leak on our shoes, and if the door is open to the garage he will take the chance and go in there for a leak. How do we stop him peeing on our stuff (preferably without desexing him)?2. He digs, a lot. We are coming to believe that its not possible to be able to keep a nice garden, even a nice backyard if you also have a dog. He’ll dig holes in the lawn, garden beds, near the fence and under the trees. How do we stop him digging?3. He is scared of everything. He has improved a lot since he first came but still gets scared from the wind, rain and even leaves blowing around. Are there ways to make him less scared? 4. He gets really aggressive towards male dogs. He has been nipped on his balls before by a shitzu, i dont know if thats the reason but when ever a male dog sniffs Zac close to that area Zac quickly turns around and growls and even tries to attack sometimes, he shows teeth and the hair on his back stands straight up. Around bitches hes completely fine. Is there a way to get him to trust male dogs again?5. Zac hates swimming. I wish Zac could be that dog that goes for swims with us and jumps straight into the water and fetches a stick. Are there ways to get him to like to swim?Thank you, i hope to get some answers soon. If you need anymore information about him let me know )