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  1. I think it depends on the people's preferance and the availibility of breeds rather than the suburb. You would think block size would enter into it, but not necessarily. I know of people in units and on small blocks who have large dogs and people on large, rural blocks who have small dogs. Certain decades seem have an abundance of certain breeds, like at one time there were lots of Australian Silky Terriers. and then there was an abundance of German Shepherds, and a little later Rottweilers became popular and now staffies are a popular breed. Price is obviously going to be a big factor and whether the buyer wants a large, medium or small dog. I'm not sure if a lot of people think too much about the grooming/care aspect? I see all sorts of breeds of dog, where ever I go however so people vary in what they prefer. Hopefully, which ever dog they pick, they treat them as a valued, cared for, member of the family and take the time to understand and train them.
  2. Western Australia I stayed at an airbnb house in Albany, Western Australia. The house was well equipped, cosy and comfortable and allowed dogs inside, but not on the furniture. They even supplied dog beds, but I brought my own. They had a large, fenced back yard and there was a lovely waterland walk trail close by and the beach only a little further, so my dog was well looked after.https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/11595239
  3. I phoned the RSPCA when a dog was in my front yard, day and night wanting to get to my bitch in heat, who was behind a high fence and kept off the streets in her heat cycle. I could not track down the owners and was concerned for the dog's well being. I didn't want to call the pound, in case the dog got put down and being a very young, new wife, didn't know who else to contact, which I explained to the woman who answered the phone. She was rude and abrasive and gave me know help at all. Just a lecture on having my bitch serilized. I was not impressed.
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