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  1. Lonely or bored?

    Yes she is normally free to come in and go out whenever she likes. She has been well confined while on heat. I was just worried as she didnt seem to be bothered by it & now the bleeding seems to be slowing down (I figured that meant it was coming to an end) she just seems to sit at the door. Those beautiful puppy dog eyes peering in, I thought maybe something else was wrong. Although I have been preparing her for longer & longer periods in the yard alone (as I will be working longer shifts soon) I worried she was becoming unhappy, bored or maybe lonely... and that breaks my heart. Hoping it is just her reaction to being in season & will go back to her usual crazy self soon.
  2. Lonely or bored?

    She was doing okay the first 15 days on heat, a bit confused by what was happening but still playing as normal. These last few days though, even though she only has a few spots is when she has been a little off. Can this still happen even towards the end? (Excuse my ignorance in regards to this. My beloved cattle x passed away at 17yrs of age so its been a long time since caring for a pup.)
  3. Lonely or bored?

    My gorgeous 7 month old pup is starting to sit, for hours at a time, at the back door. She has a ton of toys, has had training & regularly (every 2nd day) has follow up training. She goes for long walks every afternoon and goes out to the park every weekend. At night she comes in for play & sleep. She has been really good with playing alone for the last few months but is now just sitting at the back door. Other considerations: 2 days before she was due to be desexed she went on heat, currently at day 17. She had an ear infection but it is being treated and it no longer seems to be bothering her. She is a staffy cross cattle dog. Is she bored? Is she lonely? What can I do?