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  1. I agree that she's stringing me along, but I decided to give the dog back. It didn't feel right to keep him after all this. She didn't even say thank you, so I'm definitely not her biggest fan! But it feels like the right thing to do. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Sorry for the confusion. The dog is a boy, I'd changed the pronouns when I posted elsewhere for advice because I was paranoid the former owner would somehow find the post, and I wanted to disguise the details. I was having a panic attack at the time because I'm just so overwhelmed with everything that's been happening in my life in the past two weeks, and I didn't realize I was being inconsistent. Honestly I didn't think it would matter, given that it didn't even occur to me that anyone would get a laugh out of this situation where I'm probably about to be out of a dog I love. But to each their own, I guess. As an update, I've asked the owner if she has a lease yet, to ensure that she's committed and won't just give the dog away again, and she's responded that she does not, as she's waiting for the current tenants to move out. She did, however, send me a rental application that was dated two months ago (she's saying she found the place yesterday -- it could be a mistake on the application?). At this point, I've heard so many conflicts, both from her story, and from others giving advice, that I just don't know what to do.
  3. I've thought about that! I just don't want to be jerked around any further. I definitely don't have the emotional bandwidth to have the owner ping pong this dog back and forth while she looks for an apartment! She lives in a neighboring city, so it would be harder to have a more casual relationship. Ultimately you're right, Thistle, that it's really just a question of who will be upset, as the dog will likely have a good home either way, assuming she gets the apartment she's found. I certainly don't want to put any emotional distress on her.
  4. My gut feeling is saying that's a real possibility she'll rehome him again (she's been kind of flakey and really nonchalant throughout the whole process), but I can't tell if that's actually the case or if I just want it to be!
  5. Whoops, something happened with my last post! I meant to say: She's actually already transferred the microchip to me, and I've registered her in my name. Legally, she's already min. My question is more of a moral one!
  6. She's actually alrady mine. My question is more of a moral one!eady transferred the microchip to me, and I've registered him in my name. Legally, he's alre
  7. Thanks all for your input! Financially speaking, I've gotten everything set up, food/bedding as well as a vet appointment and pet insurance, etc. I've had a lot of people suggest keeping him because of that commitment issue -- if she just found the place, she can't have possibly signed a lease yet. And the fact that she found a place at all implies that she was still looking for apartments, and gave up the dog before actually confirming that she'd be moving to a place where the dog couldn't come. That's why I'd initially used the word "willing," since it rather seems like she hadn't actually locked down a place, and wasn't yet in a position where she *had* to give up the dog. But I also completely understand the argument that I've had him for three days and she's had him for three years -- who am I to tell her that she can't be reunited with her dog?! I got the dog shortly after breaking up with my first long-term boyfriend (I've wanted a dog for years, but he didn't want one, hence the timing!) so I'll admit that it's an emotionally loaded decision for me, which is making it really hard to look at the situation objectively. Not sure I'll look for another dog if I have to end up returning this one. It took me a long time to find her and we bonded really quickly. But I'm trying my best to see past my own feelings and find the best solution for the dog. Thanks all for helping me try to make sense of it all past my personal feelings!
  8. Thanks for your input! I'm getting a lot of mixed responses, which has me super torn. I really get both sides of the argument...I just want to do what's best for the dog.
  9. Three days ago, I adopted a dog (a private adoption through an owner rehoming her dog, not through a shelter). The dog was a little sad to part with her owner at first, but adjusted to me and her new home really quickly. She now seems really happy and settled. Now, the former owner just texted me asking for the dog back. She says she found an apartment that allows dogs, and the only reason she was rehoming the dog in the first place was because she couldn't find an apartment that allows pets. I know it's only been three days, but I really love this dog, and she seems to really love me. I'm taking good care of her, and she seems really happy in my home. I adopted her planning to give her a forever home, and I can't imagine giving her up for any reason (least of all a real estate opportunity that isn't even set in stone...) At this point, I'm trying to figure out what the right thing to do is, and what's best for the dog. On the one hand, the former owner had him for a lot longer than me (the dog is 3). On the other, she was willing to give him up to make her apartment hunting easier. I've already invested a lot in the dog, both emotionally and financially. The previous owner gave her to me with the understanding that she’d be mine for the rest of the dog's life. I've taken all the steps necessary to make sure that life is a great one. What should I do? Keep the dog or give her back? What should I tell this woman? Thanks in advance for any advice!!
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