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  1. Thanks for your replies, we have spent close to $10000 building the house yard fence which is post and rail chicken wire was secure until he started digging under it. Alpha bet I did state there was house fence and obviously I have tried making it secure as possible! But was actually after constructive ideas that I may not have already thought of!! And have installed the collar electric wire which then didn't work. The neighbours dogs wander the neighbourhood freely including our place but have a mate and are not puppies therefore don't. Really cause as much problem so the neighbours would onl
  2. I have a 15 month old intact male golden retriever. We live in acreage and the house yard has fenced probably 1-2 acres. For months now he escapes to the neighbours they have dogs and are often out and about feeding stock etc also their dams are not dry so I understand the lure. He digs under our house yard fence we are home most i for the time and I walk him 6kms a few days a week as well as playing in the yard. We are no worries unable to take him out and about to the dam or chopping wood in our paddocks as he will go next door as soon as you turn- once he is under the fence ears are back an
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