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  1. I did phone the breeder, it’s ludicrous that you would think that wasn’t the first thing I did. But assume away ... The reasoning behind the decision according to the breeder was “that’s the decision my partner has made.” You don’t have to believe what I’m saying and you can take whatever you want as fact or fiction. Little Gifts is right in saying I’ve never been in this situation, and if you take all the emotion out of it, in most other aspects of life a business deal is a business deal especially when their is financial outlay. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on what th
  2. Hi dogsfevr, thanks for your comment But i believe you have taken my comments out of context. I most definitely did not come on here wanting to bash out any breeder. I am throughly disappointed in the way they have handled this situation, but the dogs from this breeder are beautiful and I am still very interested in another of the pups, just disappointed that they have suddenly made this decision without first consulting with me or providing a reason. I believed this forum to be a place of information where I could ask for advice without fear of backlash, which a few people have pro
  3. They did say it was mine when I sent through a confirmation of the deposit. There had been absolutely no conversation about them keeping it and I had no knowledge they were considering keeping it until this morning. We spoke Friday about an update and travel arrangements for the pup
  4. I hadn’t met this pup, just choosen through photographs. It is from interstate and the breeder is a registered breeder
  5. Hey everyone, hoping someone could point me in the right direction: 3 weeks ago I purchased a pure bred pup from a reputable breeder. I had been waiting on this breeder to release pups for sale for quite some time, so I had done copious amounts of research on them. We had lengthy discussions about the pup, the breeder, my ability as a dog owner, the terms of sale etc.placed a deposit and have received updated photos and progress reports on the pup, the last being on Friday. The pup is currently 5weeks old. this morning I receive a text saying that they have now decided to keep t
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