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  1. What do I do now

    Thanks to all for the advice, Danny i live in western Sydney: Westmead and Rabanne the booked in to be desexed next week I was lucky to get assistance from The Animal Welfare Leauge with almost 50% discount on desexing I will contact Jill after the desexing, thanks to Juice All this help is much appreciated Thanks Mark
  2. What do I do now

    Ow that would break my heart splitting them up , they are all they have . I hope that would be a last resort I am willing to do the work so I hope it does not come to that ,
  3. My neighbor is moving they are an elderly couple and have 2 jack Russell which they recused 2 years back, The dog has not been socialized and are aggressive to other dogs and are afraid of people untill they know you then they are love monsters, so having not wanting them to go to a shelter I took them in But I am overwhelmed not only with cost but with how to move forward, some of there behaviors may be easy fixes I have no idea I will list what concerns me below , They Pull when walking, Like bouncy rabbits.. They are aggressive towards any dogs when out on a walk They get jealous of each other always trying to get closer to me There 2 1/2 years old non desexed They Bark at people Dogs and at night ( Never Bite) I would like to find a class to train them but am afraid how they will behave there .. Thanks Mark