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  1. Toilet training on command HELP!

    I’ve been doing that and he’s happy to go wherever.... as long as it’s in the backyard. He’s a little too well trained it seems... I’ll leep persisting
  2. Toilet training on command HELP!

    Thanks, I didn’t realise there were sprays! My son has offered to show the dog what to do lol
  3. Hi, new to the forum. I have been trying to train my Assistance Dog in Training to go toilet on command. He will very reliably go in our backyard on command but never out. The trainer said just keep going different places and he’ll eventually have to go. However like today for example, he went 15 hours without going in order to wait until he got home. In the end we got him home and he went all over the house floor so couldn’t even make it outside. This is not healthy for his bladder to hold out that long. I don’t know what to do. Tearing my hair out. Everything I read says it’s easy once the dog knows the command. Obviously they haven’t met MY dog!! Does anyone have any ideas?