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  1. Finnish Lapphund

    For some reason that link doesn't work for me. What would be the name of the group, Shell, maybe I could search it by the name from FB. Thanks.
  2. Finnish Lapphund

    Thank you so much Scottsmum, Shell and The Spotted Devil, will give these options a go!
  3. Finnish Lapphund

    Hi there, Looks like this thread hasn't been very active lately but I would still like to try my luck in here. We live in Brisbane and have been dreaming and researching dog breeds suitable for our family for years now (only as a pet though). Finally we stumbled on Finnish Lappies and the more we read about them the more we like that gorgeous breed. The only thing now is to actually meet one of those cuties but I would have no clue of where to find one close enough. We have checked the breeders in QLD and NSW and will be contacting them but I was wondering if there is a club or group in Brisbane area you would know of? I tried googling and finding one in Facebook but did not succeed. Just thought to give it a try in this thread here too. Thank you!