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  1. Yeah we have the collar, muzzle and signs on the gate.
  2. We have complied with everything but the enclosure (you are given 3 months to get one) and yes it must be on a concrete slab and enclosure must be secured to the slab. There is no dates on the intent to declare him i think that might be so people have the 7 day period to appeal it? The only date on it is the incident date. We have a solicitor on board now to help us with the appeal letter to have it downgraded to menacing dog declaration.
  3. I contacted his organisation but didn't speak directly with Steve. After explaining the situation she said Steve is the only person who can asses your dog because he has bitten someone. He has no free assessment spots until December unfortunately. He has already been declared dangerous, i have the declaration already so it is a bit too late for that - it is a fair assessment i wont argue that fact, but i will object it.
  4. Ranger gave me the dangerous dog declaration today which i will be objecting to. As for his habits, he is very naughty he use to chew a lot, eat bark, trees anything he could find he would chew - this has now surpassed. Very good food manners, he will wait for a command before eating, he is not food aggressive. He hates strangers. (males mainly - ive had random women walk up to him and pat him while ive been walking and he has been fine) His walking habits are okay, but not the best. He will pull for the first 10 minutes then tire himself out, he will stop and sit at roads before crossing. He does lunge at people riding past on bikes or males. His house manners are shocking, he will rummage through the bin for scraps and get his head stuck in it, jump up and lick plates in the sink or take food off the bench. He hasnt pee'd or poo'd inside since he was a pup. As for the child he is doing well, they actually have a dog as well and the mother told me he isn't hesitant at all when approaching which is a good sign for the boy. It wasn't a vicious attack i think the boy will be fine. I sound like im down talking what happened but really i am not, nor am i defending what my dog has done but the damage was very minimal. Im just glad the boy walked away okay, it could have been a lot worse considering dogs have jaws and teeth that can crush bones.
  5. Appreciate all the feedback. Its pretty hard to make a decision its not only the fact we are emotionally attached as a family to him, pretty much financially attached as well. He broke his leg when he was 6 months old and spent 4 weeks at ARH being nursed and treated. The $$$ we have put into the dog is ridiculous and for us to just end him like that, pretty tough. I will give Steve a call today and see if there is anything he can do for us behavior wise.
  6. We have owned this puppy since he was 8 weeks old, a few months ago he Muzzle Poked a child next door after sneaking into my garage and getting out into the front yard. Two weeks ago he bit a child on the face in our back yard. Obviously i thought everything would be fine hence me allowing the child to enter the back yard, where four other kids (my two daughters and my niece and nephew were throwing the ball for the dog) after about 5 minutes he charged at the boy and stopped. This did not trigger anything in my head unfortunately and it was only about 5 minutes later he did it again but knock the boy off his feet and bit him leaving two puncture marks on his face. I am not condoning this behavior obviously he 100% has some issues with aggression, he has grown up around my 4 and 5 year old daughters whom he has never hurt once. He adores them and would protect them no matter what. My main concern here is if he is declared a dangerous dog he will be forced to be living out of a cage and only being allowed out when i get home from work etc. The restrictions are huge and would impact his life greatly. I would much rather spend $3000 and send him to a dog training center or behaviorist and have them work on him then spend $3000 to get a 1 x 5 cement slab + cage for him to live out of. We need help, we need to be pointed in the right direction for a good dog trainer who is willing to work with our puppy. We met the ranger today and he is most likely going to mark him as a dangerous dog and not a menacing one. At this point we may as well just get the dog put down if he is going to be caged up 12 hours a day. Any advice?
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