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  1. I've been trying CBD for my Labrador and it has helped massively she still pants a bit but the shaking & terror has stopped thankfully. Also I have heard fantastic feedback from many happy dog-owners
  2. Crystals in Urine

    You’ll probably get several different answers from us as well! And we’re not vets. But, these are some suggestions. (1) increase moisture intake (canned food, freeze dried/dehydrated foods (rehydrated), fresh/frozen raw foods, even kibble flooded with water) to help keep the bladder flushed out. (2) avoid feeding only dry food. (3) more frequent potty breaks. (4) cranberry/d-mannose supplement daily. More tips on Pet Express
  3. International Dog Travel

    If you want to travel with pets from EU country to EU country, you can pick up a pet passport (which is a pretty simple process) and has really the same requirements as coming in from the US (rabies vaccine up to date, microchip).
  4. Hi there, I 3 cats who are constantly puking on the carpets. I used cleaning companies services, but decided to buy the cheapest Bissell Carpet Cleaner Machine, find out more on techprohomes.com. Actually I like how the machine works and makes the house smell nice Cleans and fluffs the carpet better than two national PROFESSIONAL carpet cleaning chains that I have used.
  5. First of all you dog needs a full vet check: bloods for organ function, prostate, eyes, ears, skeleton, joints, the works. Meanwhile read through other threads on aggressive dogs and see how the methods others have used can help you and your dog as well. Also use other resources dedicated to dogs breeding
  6. great video

  7. More Monarto Chimps

    lovele creatures:)
  8. What to feed a Puppy (& other questions)

    The generally accepted advice is to keep your puppy on the food that he has been on for a couple of weeks at least, to allow him to settle in.
  9. More Monarto Chimps

    So cute! She is awesome