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  1. What breed is my pup!

    I’m interested you say that... because he’s a snorer! ;) https://unsee.cc/9f5e7212/
  2. What breed is my pup!

    I am most certainly going to be attending obedience, particularly as we have sheep on the property - he is already proving his intelligence and quick wit...he just ran past my back window with my thongs!
  3. Hi all! I recently adopted a pup from the local rural pound after looking for my ideal furry friend for a year. This little fella (3.5-4 months old) was found as a stray. I’m thinking he must be a bull arab cross; however his speed makes me think he could have staghound in him despite not being wirehaired. He’s highly intelligent that’s a certain! I’d love to know other people’s thoughts. I guess we won’t have a true idea until he’s a bit older! Link will delete itself after a week https://unsee.cc/5da3a715/