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  1. Itchy Skin

    Apologies for the typo persephone, pld should read 3mth old .... Harvey's breeder had the puppies on Supercoat when we purchased him. We transitioned him slowly on to Royal Canin as recommended by the vet soon after purchase. Harvey is an apartment puppy, sleeps indoors in his crate, with cotton bedding, he has had no direct contact with grasses or plants as he is not yet fully vaccinated. I have spoken to the breeder & he has suggested the problem may be with the food, bathing has been with an organic/sulphate free puppy shampoo.
  2. Itchy Skin

    Hi there, we have a gorgeous 3mth pld Frenchie Harvey and having terrible trouble with dry, itchy faking skin. Harvey is on Royal Canin Breed Specific and otherwise happy & healthy Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated