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  1. Honestly I believe my partner saw a cute little puppy and didn't realise just how much work goes into having a smaller dog. He has behaved badly previous - before i was around - and her way of dealing with it was to leave him at her ex bfs house, where he was mistreated and neglected. When i went to pick him up 4 months ago he had no water and was sleeping in his own business and his food had just been thrown out the door onto the floor for him to eat.. I love my partner but this dog has been badly mistreated in my eyes. I don't want to give up on him, but i do need my partner on board as it is her dog.. She even admits to me she has given up on him yet will go off at me saying im the reason that she will be getting rid of him.. I feel like im the one to blame when im the only one trying to care or do things for him! Small dogs are not what im used to im used to a big dopey dog that will happily sleep all day so i guess i am still adjusting.. Thank you for your response, another opinion is greatly appreciated as I am not sure how to deal with this situation at the moment.. I have spoken with my partner about her needing to come to the table but i will discuss with her tonight that things do need to change as it is not fair on any of us involved at the moment as it is just causing a great deal of stress for everyone
  2. Ah ok I did not realise that him shivering was this response i assumed it was because he was cold and my partner told me that this is what he did to get attention.. My partner has given up on the dog as he has always misbehaved so that is another point of tension as im the only one trying. I am trying to do all i can for him even tho i am starting to resent him.. i think im just frustrated/upset that despite my best efforts he still behaves badly.. I am looking at getting a trainer and will definitely not be getting him a collar i don't want to hurt him I just want a happy home for him. I need alot more patience.. I am used to big labs as that is what I grew up with so this smaller dog is a whole new ball game for me
  3. Hello there. Just looking for any in site into my current situation. The situation is that my girlfriend has a 4 year old spoodle called Teddy, that will randomly jump up on our back glass door. I have tried everything to prevent him from doing this. I have placed balloons on the door, i bought a dog fence to prevent him from getting across - he just climbs this. I take him on daily walks to try wear him out, i leave him toys when i go out and take them back when i get home so that he can see it's not such a bad thing when i go to work. When he behaves i let him inside. I am trying my best to look after him but no matter what i do he will consistently and for no reason jump on the back door or do something to constantly need attention. There is no pattern to him jumping so i cannot even pin point what it is that is causing him to do it! He is exhausting me with the level of attention he wants. We have trained him to sit, stay roll over, but it is at the point where he is causing my partner and i to fight and i am starting to hate him. I have always had bigger dogs in my life never smaller ones, so i see him as this annoying little turd. I used to enjoy having a dog, and now honestly i actually hate it. I am not able to relax at all due to him constantly misbehaving. It is at the point i don't even want to go home to deal with him. My main issue with him is he is quite switched on he will do things like pretend to shiver so that you let him in, little sneaky things like that to play with your mind to get his way. I struggle with him jumping as it triggers me so just walking away and ignoring him is very difficult for me to do. Anyways that is the current situation, I am not sure how to go about fixing this - i have spoken with a few trainers 1 suggested a shock collar which i do not want to do as i don''t want to hurt him.