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  1. Toilet training issues...

    Loves the doggy door. Sometimes just goes in and out for the fun of it! Fingers crosses! Thanks for your help
  2. Toilet training issues...

    Ultimately I want her going outside but at the moment she has pee pads as well. She can get to the backyard via a doggy door praising and treat when she goes where and when I want and ignoring when she goes in the wrong area and waiting til she’s away to clean it. She’s pretty confident and relatively well behaved except for trying to eat my food and the toilet training issues. Not crate training or puppy pen, but her ‘area’ is small and has direct access to the backnyard
  3. Toilet training issues...

    Hi all, I have a 21 week old rescue - she’s a staffy x German Sheppard. Her toilet training has always been a challenge, a three steps forward 5 steps back kinda thing. She was sold at 3 weeks by her mums owner, (then rescued by a puppy rescue), so I was wondering if that would have anything to do with the toileting challenge? She pees in her bed and on her blankets a lot. She’s stopped going on the carpet but still on the floorboards and always manages to find that one spot there isn’t a puppy pee mat. Any help/suggestions are more than welcome!!