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  1. Staffy advice

    I think the most important thing to look for while looking for a breeder is the state of the dogs and the health testing. As for colour, I personally wouldn't have my mind set on a colour, I think it's best to meet the puppies and watch their personalities and how they interact with eachother and yourself. You might fall in love with a completely different colour
  2. Pet Insurance

    Personally I hate most pet insurance companies, they're rude, don't accept claims and are just plain unhelpful. I was with RSPCA and they were absolutely useless, I had to write them a hand written letter just to get out of it. BUT if I was to go with pet insurance I would definitely go with BOW WOW MEOW, They have by far the best reviews and are amazing at accepting claims. I just have an extra bank account that I put extra money into for my pets in case of an emergency.
  3. I have heard of that happening to a few people I know, Myself personally I have always spoken to amazing breeders who have been there for me through all of my annoying questions and have been more than helpful. Every breeder is different and sometimes people get the short end of the stick
  4. Hi! Regular canned wetfood is made up of about 80% water! It really doesn't have many benefits at all for dogs. It can actually end up causing dogs to be more fussy. I feed my boys Big Dog BARF and they're coats, teeth and overall health is amazing! Oh and you really don't need to cook chicken for dogs, cooking it depletes the nutrients, much better to feed it raw
  5. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Hi! Puppies noses fill in over time, it might even take a couple more months! I've had Aussies and they're in the same boat. If it doesn't fill in completely you just may need to apply sunscreen whenever you're out and about in the warmer days! Enjoy your new baby! I get my boy on the 30th!
  6. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    I am getting my first pap boy on the 30th! His name is Remy and he will be 10 weeks old when I pick him up! I was wondering when their ears usually go up! We are not sure if he will be a Phalene or not These photos is him now at 8 weeks! Absolutely in love with him already!!
  7. New Members!

    Thanks everyone!!!
  8. Toilet training issues...

    Honestly I'd scrap the pee pads, It just teaches them to wee inside and on mats and rugs and other lookalikes in the house The biggest thing is to make sure that puppy is supervised at ALL times! Every time you turn your back there is an opening for an accident. Take her out more often and everytime you take her out take her out on a lead to the exact same spot everytime. When she goes toilet outside make it a big deal and treat her like crazy! Also give it a command word, I use "Go Pee." Make sure that you are cleaning up accidents with a product that removes the Pheromones from that spot. Otherwise she will continue to wee there. I can't suggest crate training enough! It speeds up toilet training ten fold! I hope this helps!!!
  9. New Members!

    Hi Everyone! I just thought I'd introduce myself and my pack since we are new here! My Name is Caity and I'm 21 years old, I have 2 beautiful boys and I'm about to get my third! I Have: Merlin the 3 year old Australian Shepherd Spirit the 2 year old Finnish Lapphund & Remy the newest addition who is a Papillon! I have been showing Spirit in the Neuter ring for awhile now and Remy might be joining us in the ring! I haven't shown Toys before! It's very new to me! We are also big on our obedience as I currently teach puppy school and have to live up to those standards! We have also lust earnt our trick dog champion titles! I take my dogs with my everywhere, one thing we love is camping and hiking! Althought Spirit broke his elbow at 8 months old so he has to miss out on the hiking part I hope to get lots of useful info from these forums!