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  1. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Hello. Thank you for your follow up response. It is much appreciated. Yes, they do know we had been considering breeding from her. Hence when the breeder registered the litter, of the 8 only my girl, her sister and a brother (who they are also holding back) did not have any endorsements. The breeder said she thought I would be better suited to my girl as she was of a calmer disposition. I have met the other sister and she was certainly much more bold. She also mentioned she has lovely markings, which is true. Her sister, who we were originally taking, does not have as interesting markings. Based on this I agreed to the switch. At that time the pups were almost 5 weeks. The sisters nose was about 70% black and is now solid black. The breeder has been absolutely lovely so I would hate to think she was anything other than genuine when she suggested the swap but I can’t help feel a little niggle at the back of my mind that maybe the pup hadn’t turned out as she planned due to the nose so wanted to swap. I will still be taking the puppy regardless, but I won’t be breeding from her if the nose doesn’t fully pigment. Thanks again for your response.
  2. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond. She is just a typical broken tri beagle. White around the muzzle, with a white streak running up her forehead. Brown around the eyes and slightly darker ears and head. Her lemon and tan brother already has his black nose in full, as do the other 6 tri siblings.
  3. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Both her parents are tri beagles. Sire is a CH and won best puppy in breed at Crufts 2 years ago (I’m based in the UK). Dam is also a CH. I was purchasing puppy with the initial expectation she could possibly be bred from. We’ve had beagles for over 20 years and have tentatively been showing on and off but have never had time to breed, but now my husband is retired we have been thinking about it. Interestingly we had originally been told we would be getting her sister, and the breeder would be keeping our puppy. At 5 weeks old she changed her mind and said she would now be keeping the sister and we would get what is now our puppy, as she was better suited to us. I hate to say it but I have been wondering if this is due to the nose, which would be a major fault in the show ring and signal maybe she is not good breeding stock. Regardless of the nose colour we will be taking her home. Again thank you for your insight, it is much appreciated.
  4. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Thanks for your advice. I thought it would change but it just seems to be the same as it was it the first week. I have pictures of her at a few days old and the black pattern, whilst darker, is exactly the same still, which struck me as unusual. It’s basically a splodge of black in between the nostrils. Hopefully she is just a late bloomer! If not sun cream it is :D
  5. 6 week old beagle puppy pink nose?

    Thank you for your insight. I’m aware puppies are usually born with pink noses, it’s just my little ones doesn’t seem to be changing. It’s about 80% pink and the latest pictures I’ve got show she is the only one in the litter to still have a pink nose! Congratulations on your new boy. Is all very exciting isn’t it!?
  6. Hi, I am due to pick up my tri beagle puppy in 12 days. She is 6.5 weeks old and her nose is still mostly pink, whereas her siblings noses are either completely black or mostly black with a tiny amount of pink left. Can I expect her nose to get any darker? I can't find much research but most information I've read suggest a beagles nose should really be almost completely black by 6 weeks, my little girls nose is about 80% pink, with a black splotch in the middle. Thanks in advance! :-)