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  1. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Thank you Tassie. I’ll give that a go
  2. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Feel free to have a read of the link above Sheena but I’m not really here to chat about my other dog as it’s a very emotional subject for me. I have got some suggestions and I will take them on board to help with the chewing.
  3. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Thank you. I was hesitant to even post today but thought I may get some answers. Apart from the chewing issues, everything else has been good. I’m happy to report the boys get on amazing! They are currently on the floor having a nap together.
  4. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    I do already seperate them at feeding time but bones just aren’t an option at the moment due to my other dogs mental health issues. I’m not going to go into it but he is getting help, ect. So for now I can’t really do that. Even if I put this dog outside with a bone it would cause issues.
  5. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    We don’t use crates. I also don’t think it would be fair to put him in a crate while the other dog is out and about. We go for a walk every day, unless the weather is too hot which can happy every now and again at the moment but I try and get out as early as possible.
  6. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. That’s nice to hear. He does play a lot with toys and we always play fetch but he doesn’t quite get it yet. He will run for the ball/toy then if he gets it he will just run away and sit on top of it. I’m not sure if that’s just to keep it from my other boy? Hahah. So we’ll keep working on that but I’ll have a google what other things I can find to keep him busy.
  7. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Thanks for your comment. You may be right, I’m not sure. I don’t really know what trick training is so I’ll have a look into it. I take him out whenever I can, not just walks but visits to people’s houses, just for a drive in the car, ect but maybe he just needs some extra.
  8. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. It is very hard to introduce treats / raw meats / bones to help as our other dog has serious mental health issues and isn’t good with food so for this reason we don’t do bones, treats, ect. Both dogs sleep in the bed with us. We don’t have any issues at night time, he sleeps very well and rarely moves off the bed until morning. He mostly steals things when we’re out but does do it in front of us aswell. The other morning I laid out my clothes for the day and a minute later he ran off with my bra.. then today he was biting the cupboard in front of me about 20 mins after I arrived back home. They have a lot of toys which are always in the lounge room ready to play with. This includes different chew toys of different textures.
  9. New dog won’t stop chewing!

    He is a cavalier king charles. I got him from the breeder he grew up with, he was rehomed because the breeder had managed to keep too many dogs and decided it was time to rehome some. The breeder was very upset to let him go, he is a very sweet dog (minus the chewing!). At the breeders home they have free range of outside and had a doggy door to inside the house. The breeder did have dog/baby gates around the house so the dogs were only allowed in the kitchen and lounge area. At our house a day is typically my husband and myself leaving for work early morning, I return home two hours later, take the dogs for a walk and then am with them until 3pm. They are then alone from 3pm until about 4:45pm. They are inside dogs, we had a good backyard where they are free to go out whenever needed. When they are left alone, like I said in the above post, we close all bedroom/bathroom/laundry doors when we leave the house leaving the dogs free to roam the kitchen and lounge room but obviously I can’t manage to get everything out of his chewing reach!
  10. I need advice about what to do with my dog who won’t stop chewing. He is our second dog, we got him almost a month ago. He is a year and four months old so he isn’t a puppy / teething anymore so I don’t know why he keeps chewing! I get that some dogs are chewers and maybe that’s just him but I need advice on what to do about it. He chews almost anything - pillows, blankets, clothes, phone chargers, glasses! He has ripped up bits on my new rug, he has ruined the pillows on the couch, he even steals clothes out of the laundry basket and drags them into the lounge room. Today I have caught him starting to chew on a corner of a cupboard! I can deal with the small things but I really don’t want him ruined my furniture! When we leave the house we shut all doors and puts pillows, etc up so he can’t get them but I’m not sure what else to do. Any advice is appreciated!
  11. As others have mentioned, go to the vet and make sure there isn’t any pain somewhere. My dog is only one and a half but has serious mental health issues. He bites me or my husband almost every day because of food. It is stressful but personally I could never put him to sleep due to this. Like you, he is my son and means the world to me. This is a very big choice to make and I wish you luck. If you do not want to put him to sleep then don’t. Good luck.
  12. Feeding / Food aggression

    I appreciate everyones comments and I have read them all but I think for now we will just have to continue how we are and wait until our next appointment with the behaviourist. It is a very hard and stressful situation and I live with it everyday. It’s hard to explain to people online to make them understand the situation so I think it’s best I just don’t post about it anymore as it just causes me more stress. Thanks for your comments. If you wish to write more replies then feel free but I don’t think I’ll be back to reply. Thanks.
  13. Feeding / Food aggression

    You’ve told me to please seek help from a trainer and a vet behavourist but as mentioned multiple times in this thread I have already stated I have done both of these already. I was looking for tips anyone may have in the time between now and our next appointment. My dog has had a full examination by his vet, that was the first thing we did before and also after his first appointment with the VB. Thanks anyway.
  14. How to cool down your dog???

    You can get dog cooling mats at Kmart. They are very good. They come in a small or a large size, $12/$20. My dogs love it.
  15. Feeding / Food aggression

    Thank you for your responses. I am working 12 hour days at the moment so don’t have the energy or time to reply to everyone but I am taking in all your advice. Everyone must understand that I have written this post and cannot put every single detail about my dog / our life / our routine into one post. I am not a stupid person and I care very deeply for my dogs. I get that you’re judging me for getting another dog but you don’t fully understand our situation or know my first dog. I truely believe that our new dog is in no danger at all. As I said, I cannot explain properly in a short post so you will just have to believe me. Our first dog has serious mental health issues and he is very sorry whenever he has an outburst but he is a beautiful and loving boy who was just born this way. He loves the company of his new brother and I am happy with our choice to add another dog to our family. Yes this is a serious situation, yes I am getting help for it, yes I have spoken to the breeders about it and no they have never had anything like this before, yes it is unusual for this breed but it is what it is. We are doing our best.