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  1. Thank you so much! These videos are awesome !
  2. Awesome! Thanks guys, I'm definitely going to check out Susan Garrett. @The Spotted Devil LOL I'm sure you're pups are not happy to see you go! I was checking online for some decent free resources not just for crate training but I think the earlier we puppy train in general the easier Moxie is going to be to handle. I started reading the crate training guides on this site . Can you guys tell me if the information here is pretty factual? I'm working my way through the "How To Crate Train Your Puppy" article and it seems pretty authoritative but wanted your input.
  3. Hey guys, Need some help crate training our new puppy! We only use the crate in very very small intervals as we work from home. Any advice on where to start with her? Thanks so much!