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  1. OOps. I can't locate the original thread
  2. If the RSPCA have them they will be in trouble. Is anyone up that way able to approach them to get the dogs out into foster care? Just saw Steve's post. Thank you MDBA.
  3. I second that Lisa.B. I use Pax for my dogs. Very professional
  4. I have been out of action for a while. Does anybody know if any changes are proposed and the names of people trying to help?
  5. AJ Alice Alika Alchemy Amber Amelia Amy x 2 Anais Annie x 2 Anastacia (Annie) Angel X 4 Anishinaabe Annabelle Annabella April April RIP x 2 Arizona Arki Asante sana Asha Ashka Askari Ashleigh Astro Athena Aubrey Audrey Aura Ayla Baba Baci Bailey Basha Beanie Beans Becky Bella x 5 Bianca Bit Blaize Blossom Bonny x 4 (Bonnie) Bonita Brandi Brandy x 2 Bree x 2 Bridie Bronte Buffy Buttercup Cally Cara Casey Cassie Casper CC Cedar Chapparelle (pronounced Shapparelle, and shortened to Chappa (Shappa)) Chelsea Cherrie Chevy x 2 Chloe x 2 Charlie Charlie-May Charlotte Choo Choo Chops Cider Cinders Cinta CJ x 2 Claire Claudia Clover Cleoparta Coco x3 CocoNut Colour (for a greyhound who's not grey!) Cookie Cossette Courtney Crystal Cristie Crupi Daisy x 2 Dallas Dancer Danika Delilah Delta Demi Dexta Diazz Didge Dinky Dixie Diva Durham Dyzney Ebony Echo Elizabeth Ella x2 Ellie Ellie x2 Emily Emilly Emma Emmy Enya Erin Esky Evie Faith Fanta Feather Feonix Finta Flame Fleur Frenchie Froggy Gabbie Gabby Galadriel(Gala) Gemma Genie (not exactly a girly name but I thought it suited my goldy) George Ginny Gita Glitter Goldie Grace Griffin GT Gypsy x 5 Gyrle Harlow Havarna Hayley x2 Heather Heddy Heidi x2 Holly x 6 Honeyx2 Honour Hope Imme Imogen - Imy Indi India Jade Jamie Lee Jane Jasmine x2 Jaxx Jay Jay Jazz Jazzman Jedda RIP Jelly Bean Jenna x 2 Jess Jessi Jessica Jessie x 3 Jeune Jezebel x 2 Jindi Jinxy Jodie Juliet Juno Kara X 2 Kari Karma Karmen Kaos Katie x 2 Katy Kayla Keeta Keilani Keira Keirra Keisha Kelli Kelsey Kenzie Kibah Kiesha Kimba Kiri Kiri-Lu Kirra (agility name Kiz) Kitty Kizzey Krissy Kuean - (Queen) Lacey Layla x 2 Lea (lele) Leader Leia Leila Lexi x 2 Libby Lily x 3 Lizzy Lobo Logan Lola x 2 Lottie Lucky (yes, a bit tacky, but I loved her) Lucy x5 Luuka Mable Maddie Maddison Maggie x3 Mallee Marie Claudette Marina Marlo Meeka Meg x 2 Meisha Merrique Mia X 2 Migaloo Milky Milla Millie x4 Mindy Minky Minnie x 2 (Mynni) Minouche Mischka Missy Missie Mistletoe Misty Mitzi Molly x 7 Molly Coddle Moochie Mung Bean Mya Nala Narla Natasha Nena Ness Nora Olivia Ollie Pagan x 2 Panda x 2 Paris Paxy Pearl Pebbles Peggie Penelope Penny x 2 Pepper x 2 Phoebe x 2 Pink Pip Pippin Piper x 2 Pixie Polly x 2 Popcorn Porridge Porscha Prada Quince Rani Razzle Reba Rebel Reno Rhoda Riki Ricky Rizzi Rogue Rommi Rosey Rosie x 2 Roxy x 2 Ruby x 4 Rumour Sabrina Sadie Saffron Safire Sahli Sally x3 Sarah Sarah Jane Sari Sascha x 2 Sasha x2 Sarsha Satu Savannah Scandal Serena Shae Shandy Shannon Sharnie Sharna Sheba Shine Siann or Cyan Sinta Sienna Skye SkySnow Sola Sooty Sophie x2 Sophia Sparkles Springy Sputnik Spook Stella x2 Stimpy X2 Storm Stussy Sue Summa Suzie x 2 Sybill Tait Tamar Tameeka Tara x 2 Tasha Tashi Taya Tayla Teegan Tess x 4 Tessa Texas Tia x 2 Tieke Tilba Tilli Tilly x3 Tinka Tinny (tin tin) Tori Tully Tyra Tyneal Vada Vicki Viviane Voodoo Winter Wilhelmina Wolf Xena Xanthe Zara Zillah Zippedeedoodah Ziva x 3 Zena Zoe x 3
  6. Ali Andrew Andy Angus x 2 Angus Rip Anzac Apollo(different spelling!) Appollo Archie +1 Archer Arkhan Armand Arq Ash Ashke Attila Atlas Axl Bailey x 6 Balki Baloo Balou Bandit x 3 Banjo Bardigrub Barney Bart X 2 Barton Basil Baxter Bean Bear x3 Beau x 2 Bender Ben x 2 Benji x 2 Benny Benson BERT! Billy Bing Bluey Bob Bomber Bongo Lloyd Boo Boof Bosch Bosco Boxer Brady Brian Custard O'Doggle Brock Brockie Brody Bronson x2 Brownie Bruce Brue Bud Buddy Buffy... he came with it Bumble Bundyx3 Buster byron Caleb Cannon Caramel Carl Casey Cash Casper Champ Changwe Charlie x 5 Chester Chevy Chief Chip x 2 Chok Chubba Chops Clancy Clifford Coco Columbus Cooper x3 Cory Cowan x 2 Cowboy Crikey Cruise Cuba Damit Daniel x 2 Dancer Danny Darcy x 2 Dashx2 Deakin Dean Declan Delgado Denim Dennys Dog Diablo Diesel x2 Digby Digger x2 Dillon Dinky Douglas Dominic Dozer Dude Dumas Duncan Dylan Ebon Echo x2 Eddie Edward Elijah Elliott Elmo Elvis Edge Enuff Ernie Esky Fang Fergus x 2 Finn Fox x 2 FlashBazil Fleming Fletcher Fly Flynn Focus Forester Foo Frank Fudge Galahad Gandor Geo Georgex2 Gordon Gossy Grease Lightning Greedy Griffin Grover Guiness mcGuinness Hail Hamish Harley x 2 Harper Harri Harrison Harry Hector Henry x 2 Henschke Herbie RIP Hey Dog Hogan Hudson Hugo Ian Ivan Jack x 3 Jake x 2 Jasper x 2 James x 2 Jay JayDee Jed Jethro Jet x 2 Jett Jonsey Joop Jordan Joshua Joxer Judd Juggie Kahn Kai Kaiser x 2 Kane Kasper Kaos Khan Kiba Kei Kingston Kippy Kirk Kisho Koshi Kuga Kynan Kyzer Leo x2 Lincoln Link Lenny Lexcen Leroy x 2 Lestat x2 Logan Louie Luca Lucca Lucius Ludwig Lughie Luigi RIP Lukas Lukon Luther x 2 Mac X 2 MacKenzie Mandrake Mark (the cat) Mars Mason x2 Maverick Mawson x 2 Max x 7 Maxie Maxwell THE DOG Maze Mel Merlot Merlin x3 Merry Mickey Milky Milosh Milton Minook Mistral Mojo Mokha Montgomery Burns Moo Morris Mr Darcy Mufti Nammu Napoleon Nelsson (yes two s's) Neo Nicky Nigel Noah Norbert Nova Nudge Nugget Occy Oliver Omar RIP Onslow Oscar x 4 Oz Pal x 2 Payton Pete Phoenix Phantom Piikki Peewee Poco Porsha Puck Punch Quatro Quick Quincy Radar Raffy Ralph Rambo Ramses Randy Raymond Reeve Reagan Reginald Rex Ricky Riku Riley Rimes Ripley River Robbie x 2 Rocks Rodney RIP Roger Rolly x2 Rory Rove Rover Roy Jones Jnr Rudnick Ruff Rumour Rupert Rusty Sam x3 Sampson Sarge Satchmo Scooby Scout Scrap Scratch Shadow Seth Silas Snitch Sonny Soul Spartan Speed Spencer Spike Sport Spud x 2 Sterling Stig (The) Storm Stryker Sumo Swanky Tag Tally Tana Tanga Tazz x 2 Teddy Terry Tey Dog Thomas Thunder Tiger Tirra Toby x3 Toffee Tolkien Tommy Tournie Tub Turbo Tusca Tutty Tye x2 Tyson Udo Ulf Valdez Wags Walker Wally Watson Weave Whisky Willow Willy Wilson Wonderdog RIP Woody X2 Wookie Wycomb Yoshi Zac x 2 Zedley Zeppelin Zephyr x 2 Zero Zeus x 3
  7. Sorry I missed the cut off time. I'll keep a lookout for another time
  8. Yes, and also a MDBA awards recipient and all round good bloke. I hope they are convicted and sentenced to long prison terms
  9. So the two main issues are: 1) Desexing of all animals leaving the pound. 2) looking at the biding system to see if there are better systems If compulsory desexing is introduced then that will take to BYB out of the bidding equation. Then, if the dogs are desexed they can then be microchipped and vet checked ready for the customer to pick up. I think this will mean higher costs for the customer but I don't consider $200-$400 ( nominal figure) to be too much to pay for a pet. Rescue groups could get a discount, but the main work would still be done. The bidding system is a seperate issue. If people can't list a pet on ebay why can the bid through an auction at a pound? The ownership of the companion rather that an object is more important, in my opinion. Can somebody tell me how a successful pound is run and how rescue groups differ from the public?
  10. I have spoken brieflyto Russ Dickens and will have another tonight. Please PM me or post your ideas for reform and we will try to get some changes in place.
  11. It is used in swimming pool filters. Go to your local pool shop or Big W
  12. Hi Steve, I live in Blacktown LGA. I am going to write to Cr Dickens and see if we can get Council to institute a compulsory dexing policy. If you, or any other members here, have any material on the subject I could use I would be most appreciative. Cheers
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