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  1. I have informed the breeder. He didn't have much to comment on as he's never dealt with a UTI before. We are giving her D Mannose which is the same sugar contained in cranberries. She does tend to lick her privates which is why the vet gave us a cone to prevent her licking. We plan to keep the cone on for a couple of weeks after this current round of medication is done. Other than that she doesn't have any issues. We are planning to wipe her with baby wipes after every toilet break she takes.
  2. Hi all, I have a 12 week old, female German Shepherd whose had chronic UTIs since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. The initial vet visit had her on antibiotics for 7 days. The UTI relapsed 2 days after finishing. The second visit had her on antibiotics for 14 days, plus a urine culture. The UTI again relapsed 2 days after finishing. The urine culture indicated it was E-coli related and the prescribed antibiotic (amoxcilin) was sufficient for the bacteria. I just took her for a third visit and again she is on antibiotics to tide her over. A vagina/vulva swab is being cultured. I'm worried that the swab is going to be similar to the urine culture and that ~2 days after finishing her antibiotics, the symptoms will come back again. An ultrasound/xray is a bit costly at the time being. When she has the UTI symptoms start, i notice her vulva is inflamed, and has a bit of a rash like look. I am now giving her D Mannose supplements with her food twice a day. Anyone have had something similar? I've heard dogs with an "inverted vulva" tend to have issues down there. How can I definitely tell if it's an issue? I suspect it is. Does anyone in WA, south of the river, know of any vets who are familiar with an inverted vulva? I am a bit stressed as she can't take her second vaccination due to the antibiotics. Thanks,