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  1. RSPCA at it Again...

    Apparently some of the girls had puppies there too... The best option is to fight those mongrels with court applications from the day one, not to sit and wait to be ruined by them.. But is so hard to explain this to people who are hurting so badly in the first months...
  2. RSPCA at it Again...

    This might be the solution Asal, thank you
  3. RSPCA at it Again...

    This is first hand information, without names and details for now .. The Mongrel mob recently had selectively stolen few Pure bred Border Collies from a large breeder in SA. Colors - chocolate merle, blue merle.. Reason for the theft - "psychologically damaged". I seen the facility and the other dogs - nothing like that, clean looked after dogs, in very good condition, all impressive set up complying with every standard there is...There are many different opinions about dog breeding in a large scale, but this is not the topic now.. Point is ALL dogs were well looked after,fed,watered, etc...necessary activities. Now, the RSPCA wants to put the dogs down - reason - "Psychologically damaged" Unsolvable ..and other bunch of words they use. All young, one is 10 months old pup, couple are pregnant.. This is not about the person/breeder. Is about the Gorgeous,Healthy dogs which will be Killed by this organization of animal thieves and abusers, based on Lies and invention of reasons. I can not sleep or think straight, What can we do, people, something have to be done to stop those killers of good animals ..