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  1. I will add my name to the list. I am devastated that I missed this and having a good old cry. Bubbity I am so very sorry. He was such a special boy and I loved hearing all his stories. I am so glad he came to visit you and I hope you are well. I'd like to think that Patch has found him and introduced himself and they are off having a nice snooze in the sun somewhere.
  2. I have started but it is heavy going. I'm not convinced yet (and I really hope that it is wrong) that the legislation is going to ban the breed altogether, I think it was a poorly worded/phrased article.
  3. Baird is on ABC 702 now. The RSPCA is their big rehoming partner...
  4. This is exactly my feeling. I believe it is already very hard to find them homes, will only get harder. What do you think this means for pet or show breeders? Will you guys have a hard time getting breeding dogs or will there be much impact on you guys if it goes nation-wide? Its going to be impossible to find enough homes, and then there are going to be dogs that, unfortunately, due to intense prey drive, are really unsuitable for rehoming as well - but may make it into inexperienced homes and damage the reputation of the breed as a whole. I am seriously torn on the issue - I am glad it is banned but the logistics are a nightmare and I don't doubt that they haven't been thought through properly. But I also have no faith that any regulations put in place would have been adequately funded and resourced in order to make any difference what so ever.
  5. Definitely happy with this news but trying to wrap my head around the logistics of it all. There are going to be a lot of dogs destroyed or shipped interstate. Hopefully the government has a good plan in place to support rescues and the community gets out there and adopts as many of these dogs as possible (*looks at how we can squeeze another one in*)
  6. Totally off topic! How are our guys 8 already (well almost!)?
  7. Oh kirty I have only just seen this I am so sorry. What a special boy Rupert was, you both deserved for him to spend a long life with your family. I am so sorry that you only had him for a short (but memorable) time.
  8. Both greys and iggies - its the no recall (I know some can do it, mine are useless). I hate that I can't take them to an off lead beach and let them romp around freely and trust them to come back Iggies - its the total goddamn drama queen shenanigans and neediness (oh and the total freak out melt downs if someone he doesn't know glances in his direction) Don't get me wrong, I love Oscar with everything that I have and can't even contemplate life without him - but lord he is high maintenance Having said that - his weird personality traits and need to be with me is what I love about him too. I love that he loves me so much
  9. Oh gosh Kirty! I had totally missed all this - what an awful thing to happen. I am SO relieved that all your gorgeous pups are pulling through Hope you are Ok as well.
  10. Oscar the iggy got out once when he was tiny. Totally my fault - he squeezed past me when I went to walk out the front door. Having him get out was my worst nightmare, we knew he would run from anyone and I thought he would be hit by a car for sure. Thankfully he raced to the bottom of the stairs in our front yard, the big standard poodle next door barked, gave him a fright and he came bolting back up the stairs I pounced on him (initially got only tail but that was enough). I am now even more cautious opening and closing the front door (and anyone who comes over has it drilled into them that he has to be behind a gate) but its never happened again.
  11. Happy Gotcha day gorgeous man! Stan you are one in a million
  12. Strata laws were the reason we sold our townhouse. Our laws said dogs were allowed after approval from strata (i think 50%). There were other dogs in the complex, none of who's owners had gone through the approval process to be there (all small dogs). We wanted a greyhound (our Patch-man) - took pages and pages of info about them, letters from a vet and GAP - and lost by one vote. Strata manager told us that if we were told that if we appealed it we would win, but knowing some of the personalities in the complex, we instead sold and got out. Very frustrating to go through the right process and then it did no good (with no consequences for those who just got dogs anyway).
  13. I am just amazed by the people defending him A dog died, others have been lost - and its just a case of 'well shit happens?'
  14. Typical sighthound - always wanting the sunny spot! Its like a magnet. Looks greyhound except for the ears...
  15. :laugh: Stan maybe as dumb as a box of rocks but when it comes to food he's a Rhodes Scholar! Maddie on the other hand is an evil genius O.o and I can't even see the cat :/ don't tell me they were stupid enough to put it next to the greyhound :p Dumber than a box of rocks is a phrase I use often with my two as well They may not be bright but they have us wrapped tightly around their paws...
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