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  1. Nutrition

    @sandgrubberyes that is true,it's a shame we cant trust food companies, all they care is about cashing in $$$ , i've seen dogs on cheap food and scraps that outlived those on premium,and looked amazing, what works with other dogs may not work with yours etc..in my case since i switched to this new one i have seen a bit of an improvement, she hasnt been eating much which slightly worries me at times-i thought she was going to big a massive pig as shes a lab mix but i was wrong(she is when something picks her interest), in terms of stools, coat etc..i have seen some improvement from when she was on the cheaper brand,her coat used to be terrible,her stools soft and huge,but now they are slightly firmer and smaller(sorry about the topic ). Also this a slightly out of topic but should i feed her boiled carrots or raw? (I will mix that up in kibble) Do i have to peel them? Also in terms of fruit what can i mix in her kibble? And again,sorry for the change of topic,what do y'all think about kibble with rosemary? I have heard it has a lot of benefits but can trigger seizures.
  2. Nutrition

    Thanks,Do you give it raw or do you cook it? I read that you shouldnt mix raw meat with kibble as they take different times digesting.(?) I will try giving her bone broth,Do you let the cubes thaw before finally feeding it to him? My grandparents have chicken and today i just went and got lots of eggs,I'll boil 1 and mix it in with her kibble,i think i'll just start of with half as it is going to be her first time.
  3. Nutrition

    It should be sardines in water right? unfortunately i've never seen them at the supermarkets where i live, not even online. When i first got her i thought it was going to be an issue with the weight as they are known to always want to eat.Her littermates are like that,they devour their food in seconds, but mine doesn't which is both good and bad, funnily enough i'm having trouble on making her eat,she is in no way skinny which i'm relieved about,and i know there's nothing wrong with her because she goes crazy with our food which we never or rarely give a bite of and whenever i give her raw bones.But it does worry me when i go for long runs with her and she wont eat. I think she is just cheeky because sometimes she'll immediately start eating when im near her,and i always go away because i think she made a habit of it. Maybe im just worrying too much. I really wanted her to try the salmon version from the brand she's on but the composition isn't as good as the chicken and lamb is (has cereals and by products,but has yucca and beetroot extract if im not mistaken). oh well i'll do what i can ahah
  4. Nutrition

    I agree with you,also the prices are extravagant mostly because of the brand and not the quality,for example purina,pedigree etc..but no one can deny that most of the time we are able to see a difference when on a higher quality kibble,teeth wise,shinier coat,etc..but it is true that there are lots of dogs that live long lives on poor quality kibble and/or scraps. Its also sad to see how many companies have been changing the quality on kibble once they have established themselves and now use lower quality ingredients.Same with the grain free,known to be related to heart issues because of taurine deficiency etc..truth is what may work for your dog may not work for mine. Hope to hear more from people so i can learn more and try to give the best i can.
  5. Nutrition

    Thank you for all your opinions, please do send me some kibble suggestions,unfortunately they might not available where i live. Sadly there are no decent priced brands without any fillers, at least where i live.(Portugal) and ive never seen samples around supermarkets. Im kinda relunctant to add extras to her kibble as ive heard that you shouldnt give eggs,liver etc everyday as i said before im afraid she'll refuse to eat without those.. The kibble that she's fed at the moment costs 11,99-7.5kg and lasts her around 3 weeks, she never goes a day without eating so thats good and the vet told me she looks great and to keep doing what i am. I have seen good results since i moved her to this brand, her fur is more shiny,doesnt have as much hair falling and her teeth havent been getting as much plaque as they used to when on the other brand which used to cost 13 something-10kg. And you're spot on persephone i've been looking so much into raw feeding but heard its not as easy as it looks as you usually need to supplement it otherwise it could cause some damage, also i'ts not too pratical for me to feed her raw as i usually am out of the house by 7:30 am and wouldnt be able to remove the food so it doesnt spoil which i know probably wouldnt happen and i can prep but stil :D also l heard its really expensive to raw feed,even by those who have doing it for years and meat around here can be quite pricey,everything is LOL . On working days i usually feed her around 7 something and during weekends and holidays around 10am. Do you think i can give her chicken legs,breats,thights as a snack from time to time,would i see any improvement(teeth wise,coat...)? Also whats your opinion on good quality wet food(alpha spirit etc)-heard its bad for their teeth...
  6. Nutrition

    Hello, i have a 1.5 year old lab mix around 44 pounds who's been fed only kibble since a puppy,not knowing much about nutrition i started her on pedigree and purina friskies thinking it was good quality kibble just to later on find out it was horrible.Since i am and was on a tight budget i had to keep her on a white brand but have recently found a better kibble thats on my budget (1st ingredient is hydrolised chicken,corn,rice..salmon oil,yucca extract) not the best,but better than what i was giving her(cereals,by-products). I do give her raw marrow bones from time to time so she can gnaw on but immediatly remove them once she starts eating little bits of bone. Shes been really picky recently and barely eats her kibble,just today she came back from the beach and i gave her kibble and when i came back later on she still hadnt eaten it.(+3h) Ive been looking into soaking her kibble in water,but read both good and bad things on it,also been thinking on adding boiled eggs or liver,chicken hearts,raw/boiled carrots to both improve her kibble and see if she'll eat but am afraid that if i start adding those from time to time to her kibble she wont eat it without that, as im basically spoiling her. What can i do to make her eat her kibble,and if i start mixing her kibble with something what should i do so she wont get even more picky by only eating kibble mixed with something. I have changed flavours so she wont get bored but she didnt really like any of them.She did seem to eat much more when on a poor quality kibble but im really trying hard to avoid it. Please help me out.