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  1. Help with breeds please

    Good points CharbearsMa, i think Dad is just feeling a little bit nostalgic at the moment due to the loss of their two so suddenly. You are right, even if we managed to find a dog that looks exactly like Sumpy theres a huge chance he wont have even close to the same personality. Thats a great and sad thing about dogs hey, Never two the same.
  2. Help with breeds please

    -A dog thats active would be ideal, they would like a companion out in the garden with them, but they are weary of dogs that go hunting for snakes. Theyve had a neighbour that has lost multiple jack russels to snake bites. -an off switch probably isnt overly important. Ive suggested a border collie, they felt they might be just a little too big but are happy with their high energy. -coat maintenace isnt a worry for them. Theyve had dogs over the years that are groomed regularly. -mum and dad havent been great at training their dogs over the years, short of the basics like toilet training and basic obediance. -they would like a dog that comes outside with them, so i guess theyd prefer one thats happy to cling to them a bit. -I dont think theyre too worried about the adolescent period, they are both retired and i think would enjoy the livelyness of a young pup around the property once again!
  3. Help with breeds please

    Thanks for all of your replies! Thats Sumpy in the photo above (the bigger guy). Dad has set a little bit of a hard task, the previous two dogs they had were a Great Dane cross who weighed in at 65kg and a small little terrier, as my parents are aging theyve decided they want a dog small enough they can pick up but still want something a little bigger and a little less on the small and yappy side. Sumpy in the above photo is about the right size and the type of dog they are looking for, although it doesnt neccisarily need to be that breed. My parents live on 13 acres of bush , they dont want a house bound dog but at the same time one that wont dissapear into the bushes any chance they get .. as i said theyve set a hard task! If anyone can suggest other breeds similar to the size that would be much appreciated also!
  4. Hi All, first time post. My Elderly parents just lost both of their dogs in the space of a month, their whole lives they’ve taken on rescue dogs but now the time has come where they want the one small to medium sized companion. They had a dog many years ago called Sumpy, he was a (in Dads words) the best dog he’s ever had, smartest and most loyal. He could supposedly even talk when he cried! Does anyone have an idea what breeds he could’ve been? (The big guy not the pup)