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  1. Border Collie collapse

    Hi Ness, I think our dog has BCC. I’ve just been searching online tonight which has lead me to this forum. Our boy is almost 2 years old and up until 2 weeks ago never had any issues. I watched him stagger and fall about 2 weeks ago after running a lot in the heat (which he has done all the time). I immediately though of paralysis tick and could not find one. He has collapsed again today with little running but was excited as we (mum and kids) arrived home after a week away (dad was home with dogs). We plan to take him to vet tomorrow but from what I’ve researched tonight it seems not many vets are aware of BCC. Can you advise the name of the Facebook group you mentioned please. I would like recommendations of vets in QLD (Jimboomba area) that may have some awareness in BCC.