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  1. Dog Export Guidance?

    Well, only flights into East Timor are via Darwin, Bali, and Singapore.
  2. Dog Export Guidance?

    East Timor only allows importation of dogs from rabies free countries. I was hoping to do it on my own, but the last stretch from Melbourne quarantine to Dili is proving to be too difficult to do on my own. Quote is $3200 AUD (gulp), guess I just have to suck it up and pay it. Dogs are def like kids.
  3. Dog Export Guidance?

    I rescued a Korean Jindo from a dog meat farm in Korea, and working to bring him to Dili, East Timor via the USA (wheres he currently being cared for by my brother), and of course, Australia. I got every part up until Melbourne quarantine figured out, just trying to piece together the Melbourne to Dili stretch. "Just contact a pet relocation form," u say? Well, I did, and they want $4000 AUD! So, I'm trying to figure it out on my own. Any info, guidance, moral support, words of wisdom, etc. will be greatly appreciated.