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  1. This is a genuine request from a family about to get their first dog. My little kids (2 & 8) love the teddy bear look and my wife needs non shedding. Our friend is a groomer so we have some great feedback. We are ready to buy our first family dog and the investment is not only financial, but a lifetime one. We want to get to right. We found a Lagotto breeder that says the dogs are fine with kids and also our neighbor has a great wool Poodle/GR cross (from a low volume cross breeder with known track record, not a trading post puppy mill). However I have read quite a lot on this forum and despite many sound arguments about shying away from cross breeds (I get it, really I do!), I am concerned (from your advice) that while a Lagotto has similar looks to a poodle cross, it lacks the temperament. I read Lagottos are timid/unfriendly. Is this true or does socialization & puppy training play a big part in how they turn out with kids? Both myself and my wife grew up with dogs and we want to share this wonderful experience with our kids. really looking forward to some expert advice here ! cheers Peter