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  1. Hi all, my stud dog’s penis started bleeding 48hours after mating. The mating process was all normal and they were locked for about 10minutes. After they unlocked, his penis went back. He was back to normal and I thought that was it. However, 2 days later I saw him licking his penis, and left blood stains on the bed and around his penis area. At first I thought he was biting or licking too hard and knowing he just lost his virginity maybe it’s nothing to worry about. We cleaned him with iodine, applied topical ointment, wrapped him with gauze. Also made him wear the cone of shame for the first time. It’s been another 24 hours since, and he would bleed and leave drops of blood around the house since he kept undoing his gauze. Other than the bleeding, he’s eating normal, peeing pooing normal, and still very playful. I’ve read somewhere that this could be a prostrate problem or infection. My vet won’t be available until Monday, so I just wanted to ask if anyone had a similar problem before I take him to the vet. Much appreciated!