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  1. Thank you. I'll give all of this a go over the next week. I have also brought a new bed and that seems to be helping. He hasn't done pee in it once. Also I didn't mean I wouldn't be taking him for a walk in winter - it is just that I don't really want to be doing a 20 min walk around the block every time I need him to go to the toilet. Again, thanks for all the comments.
  2. Thanks so much for all the advice. I have now moved his bed into our bedroom at night and he is sleeping beautifully. And no more night time wetting the bed.
  3. I have an 18 week dachshund pup who wets in his bed as well as in other places around the house. We only have a backyard courtyard with no grass so I have put down a patch of fake grass for him to toilet on. He has gone once or twice on this but not often. I take him out in the morning, at night, after food etc. but I can’t get him to toilet. The only way he will go is if I take him for a walk. But I can’t do this all the time. I’m terrified of what happens if he’s still doing this when winter comes along. Could anybody please assist with ideas on how I can train him to toilet outside in our courtyard? Or to go to the toilet when taken outside? I feel like we are trying really hard but not getting anywhere.
  4. Please help! I have a new dachshund pup who we got at 16 weeks. We don’t have him in a crate but we have him sleeping in our small laundry in a dog bed. He is waking in the middle of the night about 3-4 times. First time I get up and take him out to pee but he doesn’t do anything. An hour later he is barking again. I try to ignore him but he doesn’t give in. I have teenage kids that are being woken up so in the end it is me who gives up and I go and try to settle him again. But, I can’t keep doing this and I know he is forming a habit. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
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