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  1. Hi peeps My beloved labrador recently passed away and I'm looking for the possible breeder as she has excellent genes obviously. The only information I have was that she was bred around the Kingaroy area about 16 years ago and had her first vaccinations at South Burnett vets. (I've already tried them with no luck). The only other information I have is she was sold to us from a lady in My Gravatt. If anyone can assist me I'd be very very happy. Thanks
  2. Looking for a Breeder

    How do you find the prefix?
  3. This is a long shot but I'm wondering if anyone can assist me! We bought a blonde labrador from a seller in Mt Gravatt in 2003. The litter was brought down from Kingaroy. Our beloved pooch passed away yesterday but am very keen to see if the same breeder still breeds as she had excellent genes. If anyone is able to assist me in locating this breeder I would be very grateful!