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  1. Anxious behaviour in Maltese X

    Hi all ... I am the owner of a cute female Maltese cross approx 14 months old and love her to bits.... I am however concerned and having some dramas that are really upsetting me and would like your opinion on what I should and can try .. 1. She hates car travel.... Vet prescribed medication that makes her drowsy and I have tried cutting the tablet down to a 1/4 and still she drools and drools soooo soo much I never seen anything like it, she also shakes and sometimes she vomits to . I do not like giving her that pill as it does not have much effect and leaves her sleepy. Pointless if I want to take her to the beach or park! I have started giving her ginger tablets before hand travelling sometimes seems better shake wise but still drools.... I have tried putting her in the car for without it on and leaving her there for a while to try to get her used to it, people tell me she may grow out of it .. There must be something else I can try to get her used to the car and enjoy the car.. I've had her from 3 months old and never has she had a bad experience in the car as far as an accident etc.... 2. She is very skittish when going for a walk she will just freeze at nothing and I just have to wait and encourage her to keep moving... She does it when people approach and walk past etc This occurs even on regular routes and when we return home she won't walk into the foyer of my apartment even though no one there... Please I'm desperate and open to suggestions on medication or vitamins natural etc It must be horrible for her to be like this also .