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  1. Puppy Weight / Feeding Schedule

    There is a guide on the bag, but was hoping for some info specific to the breed. Guide says between 120g-220g/ day
  2. Puppy Weight / Feeding Schedule

    Noted, im going to start adding kibble toppers like Egg, puppy milk etc. Ill also substitute one of the 3 meals with raw meats. He has had his 1st vaccination, due for his second this coming saturday, he is de-wormed every fortnight as advised by vet, Extremely playful and energetic Thanks for your advice!
  3. Puppy Weight / Feeding Schedule

    Breeder did not provide any diet sheet, just advised that he was feeding the pups dry food, i do give him raw food as a snack some days but my main issue is getting him to eat his dry food. He was eating it when we first got him, but the past 2 days it seems like he is eating less dry food Is there any general guide to how much dry food i should be feeding him per meal?
  4. Hi All, I recently adopted a 9 week old Blue Amstaff, im worried he isnt gaining enough weight He is currently around the 7-8kg mark at 10 Weeks, Is this a healthy weight? Ive got him on a dry food diet, Purina Supercoat Puppy, trying to avoid the use of wet food because when i tried it with my older English Staffy, he never went back to Dry food Can someone provide some advice on 1. Is 7-8kg weight at 10 Weeks a healthy weight for a Amstaff (Generally speaking) 2. Any Recommended feeding schedule/amounts i should be following? 3. Can i mix a little bit of raw egg yolk with the dry food in every meal to make it more pleasant for him to eat? Thanks in advance