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  1. I've used Bonnie working dog and adult mix, both together for a few years now mixed together. I also mix in some grain free given the chance. If I don't mix the grain free with the Bonnie the grain free will just sit there. Both dogs seem to love Bonnie and have had a lot of healthy pup's feeding them both Bonnie. Having said this I also feed dog's with a healthy diet of wet food daily also. No problems with stools or urination. To be honest I think that grain free food on it's own is bad for your dog's as the fillers in the Bonnie acts as a sort of buffer against sloppy stools. I think of gra
  2. I've found that if you get your pet mince from the butcher it's in frozen blocks at about 1.5 kg. Now, raw my dogs won't touch it doesn't matter if I put other meats through it or not. You have to boil it. Boil it and drain the fat (this is how you know if your getting good mince) I basically double the volume of meat when I've added everything else.. I add other meats to it, raw though along with vegies grains and herbs and minerals. I taught myself, just by trial and error. But the point is, to boil your butchers pet mince, strain it of fats and moisture. It's wrong to assume pets mince is
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