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  1. Hello! Im here as I desperatly need help with my Chuiwaha. Tilda came into our life about 6 months ago as a rescue that was surrendered by her family that moved interstate. She is 10 years old. When brining her into our family we knew she had aggression problems and have been vigilant in given her a secure loving home and daily training. She has not improved, she bites people and other animals. Ive spent hundreds of dollars on trying with dog behaviourists and training schools, nothing has helped. Im desperate and even thinking of sending her to one of those stay intraining centers (ive heard they are hopeless but will try anything now). She loves us and we love her, we just want to help her relax and have the ability to give her a good life. We cant take her outside the home as she is so dangerous to herself and others. Have joined this formun to get ANY advice please. Im a dog lover, trying to be a responsible trainer and doing what Im told, but feel like I am failing. Thanks, Rose Details: Family of 4. Kids 10 and 5 yr old. We use positive reinforement training.
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